shutterstock 436927078 e1527898594606 5 Home Staging Tips: You Need Storage!

Selling a house can be a daunting thing, especially in this market. With housing prices on a roller coaster, what can we do to make our home the best of the bunch? Well, we can stage it.

Staging is preparing the home for open houses or walk-throughs and the pros are making big money-making homes ready for sale. But you can do it yourself in five easy steps without spending a heap of cash.  Moving and storage with FlatRate are so affordable, that you will likely make up the difference when your property sells.

Tip One: De-clutter.

Rent a storage unit and put as many things in it as you can live without. Remove most of your personal belongings, and tidy your closets and garages, and bathrooms. When people come to look at your home, they do not want to see every surface covered by something, it makes your home seem smaller. Pay special attention to the kitchen, as potential buyers will most likely be opening cabinets and drawers to check their storage possibilities. Also, get rid of the junk in your closet. No stacking things up to the ceiling! Take as much out as you can, leaving a few items hanging. Get those coloring projects off the fridge and have your teenager get those posters off of the walls. You need to detach yourself from your home – look at it from a buyer’s perspective.

Tip Two: Re-arrange your furniture.

Remove anything that isn’t absolutely necessary. For example, if your family is room crowded with furniture, take a few pieces out and put them in your storage unit. Even large rooms will benefit and look even larger with less furniture. Smaller rooms will look larger with the addition of hanging mirrors. Do not have beds pushed up against walls and make sure that all doors and walkways are open, especially closet doors. People will want to see your closet space, closets sell houses!

Tip Three: Paint.

Not everybody will approve of the spiced pumpkin color of your kitchen. A little primer and some white or light neutral colors will go a long way towards getting your asking price. Be extra careful of entryways and open spaces.

Tip Four: Clean, clean, clean.

Get those spots out of the carpet by renting a carpet cleaner. Any shoe skid marks on the floor need to be gotten out with a magic eraser and some elbow grease. Pay special attention to entryways and walls, and get your bathrooms and your kitchen sparkling. A dirty house will leave a very bad first impression. Also, use some lightly scented plug-in-type air fresheners to give the rooms a pleasant scent. Make sure your beds are all made and everything is put in its proper place.

Tip Five: Landscaping.

Clean up that front yard. Spend a little time pulling weeds, re-seed your dead grass areas and trim back your bushes. People love curb appeal. Make sure your yard is trimmed perfectly and do a little edging with a hedging tool for that extra, professional touch.

For the cost of a storage unit, some paint, and a little hard work, your house can look as if it has been staged by a professional.

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