Most of the time, moving estimates are done in person. It makes sense: a representative of the moving company can get a good look at your belongings and assess what the move will entail. But when an in-person estimate just isn’t in the cards, we use the next best thing: virtual. So if you find yourself wondering what to do about that estimate in these uncertain times, here’s how a virtual walk-through will keep you safe and save you time!

Why a virtual walk-through?

It might seem like the easier approach would be to take an inventory of your belongings and send that off to the movers. They might be able to do a decent job with the information you provide, it’s true. But if you miss anything, like your light fixtures or a marble coffee table (and just list it as a “coffee table”), you may find your actual moving costs are significantly different. Your moving team could arrive without the proper packing materials, delaying your move, and causing a stir.

So to avoid this potential issue, our moving team prefers to do a full walk-through. Whether that’s in person or on-screen, it allows us to see your belongings! From there, we can ask any questions that arise to make sure we know exactly what you need on moving day.

%name How a virtual walk through will keep you safe and save you time

A virtual walk-through how-to

The keyword here is thorough. From there, you could choose one of two possible approaches:

A pre-recorded video walk-through, or a live video chat with your Relocation Consultant.

If you choose a live video chat, your Relocation Consultant will guide you through the whole experience! Just make sure you move slowly and plan to scan through each room entirely. A tape measure is also really helpful to have on hand in case your movers request measurements for a piece of furniture.

Making a pre-recorded video could be more time-efficient if you work during business hours. Set aside sometime when there is good lighting in your home, and grab your phone or tablet. Then:

          1. Start at your entryway as you walk through the home. Include a frame of your front door so your moving team knows how large the doorway is.
          2. Walk through every room systematically, scanning the entire room slowly. Make sure there is good light so everything is visible.
          3. During your walkthrough, open every drawer, cabinet, and closet in the room. Get close enough to the contents that your movers can get a good sense of what’s inside. Alternatively, have one person filming and one person opening drawers and cabinets as you go along! This includes your kitchen, where the drawers of gadgets and cooking implements will need to be packaged.
          4. If there is anything that you will not be moving, be sure to identify it in the video. This will ensure your movers don’t include it in your moving quote.
          5. Point out any high-value or special items during the walk-through. Heirloom furniture, precious china sets, high-end artwork, fragile antiques, and especially large, delicate furniture will require special treatment. Some of these items may require custom crating, especially if you are moving long distances. Your movers will probably have more questions about these items, so give them as much information as you can in your virtual walk-through.
          6. Don’t forget the bathroom! You might think there isn’t much in there, but your movers will still need to pack your linens closet and all of the decor. Explain if you will be taking any mirrors or sconces with you, as well as what will be staying behind.
          7. We’ve found that many people take great videos of their furniture but forget their decor. Do a good scan of your walls and make sure you capture all of the unique items that will need to be packed.
          8. Measure things! Before you create your video, go through the house and measure your tables, bureaus, sofas, and other large items. Write those measurements on a sticky note, and put that with the item. That will make it easy to share the measurements of each item on your virtual walk-through!
          9. Check under your bed, as well as your basement and storage areas. We need to know about those, too! Plastic bins or cardboard boxes will need to be moved as well. Sometimes we can move them as-is, but sometimes we will re-pack if the cardboard boxes don’t seem sturdy.
          10. Show us your stairway if you have one in your home. Your movers will need to know if there are any tight turns or long staircases to navigate

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        A virtual walk-through will keep you safe during this uncertain time. It can also be an effective way to make sure you get an accurate and comprehensive moving quote! Use our virtual walk-through option to get a moving quote We’ll make moving a stress-free experience!