IMG 3372 How much do movers really cost?

From packing your possessions and deciding what to leave behind to the actual moving day, everyone who’s ever moved apartments knows just how stressful the whole process can be. You need a reliable and professional moving company to get the job done.

Just to get your mind around the movers’ costs, here is a range of different types of moves that we’ve done:

  •         No Packing, Elite 1 Bedroom – $2,200-$2,600
  •         Elite 1 Bedroom with packing – $2,750-$3,100
  •         No Packing, 2 Bedroom – $2,950-$3,400
  •         2 Bedroom with packing – $3,600-$4,500
  •         NYC to LA, 1 bedroom move $2,800-$3,40
  •         Small studio within the city  $600-$800
  •         NYC To MIA, 1 bedroom move $2,100-$2,700
  •         NYC to SFO, 1 bedroom move $3,400-$3,800
  •         Same Building small studio $500-$600
  •         Small One bedroom $900-$1,250

How moving costs are determined

Before choosing your moving company, there are a few things you should know. If you are moving locally, moving companies calculate the cost of moving your possessions based on inventory or by the hour. With FlatRate Moving we charge a flat rate that is determined by how much inventory you are moving.  This type of move eliminates surprises and hidden fees when your move is completed.  Another popular move is long distance, with FlatRate you are charged based on your inventory, and with other companies, they charge by weight.

However, keep in mind that the biggest cost with most moving companies is time. If a company bills hourly there could be unforeseen problems that might drive up the cost. Hourly and weight-based moves are estimates, and there are ways in which moving companies, unlike FlatRate, hide fees. These types of companies supposedly offer you the best rate according to the estimated time it’ll take them to move your home, but they are actually offering you the worst possible price. They are well aware of the fact that they’ll end up having to charge you more for unexpected issues.

Some companies, though, offer a flat fee, giving customers the most control over the cost of their move. Work with a moving company that offers a flat rate. With your entire cost laid out clearly, you know in advance what is included in your move. That way, you also know that there will be no hidden fees.

Make sure there are no hidden fees

When moving with a company that doesn’t offer a flat rate, you are risking frequently hidden costs. These include long carries, tickets, parking permits, tolls, gas, stair carry, etc’.

Most moving companies bill customers by the hour. Unforeseen problems are somewhat inevitable, but they might drive up the cost. The biggest time-consuming issues tend to be elevator restrictions and traffic jams.

When your move is not all-inclusive, you are also at risk of added charges for materials such as blankets, paper, and tape. These can run up to $150-$300 depending on the size of the move. Furthermore, not planning for the right amount of movers can, in turn, make your move longer than originally estimated. If you’re paying by the hour that can burn a serious hole in your pocket.  

Know your move

Once you’ve figured out your move type (local, long-distance, or overseas), decide on the date of your move, the amount of inventory, and how fragile your items are, and make sure to provide your movers with a detailed list of your inventory.

When determining how much your movers will cost, make sure you understand what type of moving services are available to you. Here are some services that may drive up the cost: packing or unpacking, debris removal, white-glove services, carpentry, plasma removal, or installation.

It’s crucial that the customer understands what their items are worth to them to determine what type of quote they need. There is a large spectrum surrounding the cost of something, and there is always a correlation between cost and quality. The cost of your move is in direct relation to the quality of the move.

How much do our movers cost, and what you get

When moving with FlatRate you are guaranteed a seamless experience and no hidden fees. Your cost is all-inclusive and includes the following services from us:

  •         A detailed customized move plan
  •         Travel, tolls, parking tickets/fees, fuel
  •         Light assembly and disassembly
  •         Corner and floor protection
  •         Wrapping and protection of all furniture
  •         Stereo/electronics protection and packaging
  •         Television protection and packaging
  •         Lamp protection and packaging
  •         Picture/Mirror/Rug protection and packaging
  •         Wardrobe box packaging
  •         Disposal of all materials used by FlatRate
  •         Guaranteed price

If you’d like to learn more about what FlatRate can do for you on your big moving day, get in touch. There really is no need to have to worry about getting your prized possessions from your old home to your new one when you’ve got a professional company behind you.