Lately, a clever commercial for a major cable company has been circulating on television.  It shows a young man desperately trying to persuade his friends and family to help him move.  After receiving a bunch of humorous rejections using puns, he resorts to his last choice – his cable company/Internet provider – to help him which proves to be the best choice.  However, you CAN get help moving without handing over your firstborn.  Follow along for hints on how to convince your friends and family to help you move without any tricky tactics.

Prepare Yourself

Before you engage in any assistance, make sure you are already organized and packed.  Keep useful moving supplies handy like extra boxes, scissors, packing tape, and permanent markers.  Stack already labeled boxes together by the rooms in which they belong.  When you’ve established your moving crew, offer clear instructions, so they know exactly how things are arranged, where they ultimately go, and how you plan to handle everything.

Honesty is the Best Policy

Gauge how many boxes and pieces of furniture must be moved, how long it will take, and the fragility and awkwardness of the items beforehand.  Consider how many helpers you require.  When telling your assistants about particulars like the amount and girth of your possessions and method of moving, be honest.  Although this may dismiss some potential volunteers, surprising them with a difficult move could spur resentment.

Right on Schedule

Give your moving crew adequate notice about the time, day, and details of your move.  Don’t expect anyone to roll out of bed and commit to moving you after texting them at 4 am the day before.

A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

If you are a good friend offering babysitting services, driving your friends when their cars break down, or even moving them to another place, you’re in a better position to gain help.  Remember to volunteer when friends need help, so they’ll reciprocate.  Or offer them a favor in exchange for helping you move.

Good Times

Keep the move a fun experience, no matter how grueling.  Play music, snap goofy photos, even start an impromptu Scavenger Hunt and/or contest for the most boxes or most challenging pieces moved, etc.  Don’t forget to feed your movers.  Provide pizza, snacks, and plenty of cold, refreshing drinks.

Give Them a Break

Moving is hard work, so don’t overextend your well-meaning friends and family by bossing them around, critiquing their skills, and forbidding frequent breaks.  Most people are not used to the stamina required to move.  Stick to a set schedule and gather enough assistants, so they’re not exhausted and refuse to help you again.

Play Nice

Even if you have the most generous friends and family in the world, remember that you asked them for a huge favor when requesting help moving.  Treat them with respect during the process and express your appreciation to them throughout the day.  As an added bonus, reward their efforts by giving them thank-you gifts that show you care like a case of beer, gift certificates, or any other suitable token of your appreciation.  A little thanks goes a long way!

Contact FlatRate

If all else fails, make friends with FlatRate Moving and let us help you move.  We’ll provide services from packing to storage to moving, so you’re not alone. (In fact, you can just sit back and relax!)