Whether you are doing a self-move and are relying on friends and family to pull it off, or if you simply want to recruit help to pack, unpack, or disassemble your above-ground pool there are a few ways you can go about announcing your needs and intentions. You may simply be saying you planned on just shooting everyone a text the day before or something, but you will be surprised at how many people will claim they never received it. Not to mention, if you do wait until the last minute you put everyone on the spot, especially those who legitimately already have plans. The ideas below should help.

Create an Event on Facebook

Assuming that most people you know are on Facebook, creating an event is an easy way to get people excited about helping. Everyone can post if they are helping, and they can all interact to decide who is bringing coffee and who will pick all the kids up after school for a play date until it’s done. You can also supply maps, directions, weather information for the day, and more.


If you send emails make sure you request a response. Use this opportunity to provide details regarding time, any supplies you need, etc. If you want to make sure everyone receives the email, consider sending an e-Card instead. You can find free ones to send on Care2 and other sites. The great thing about sending an e-Card is that you receive a confirmation when the card has been read, so no one can say they never received it.

Create a Website

If you are comfortable with basic computer technology, you can easily create a website or short-term blog for the big day. You don’t even have to pay for a URL or hosting; just use a free one. After all, it’s only for one event, and then you probably will never use it again. A few picks include Weebly, Wix, Webs, Sprout Builder, Viviti, SynthaSite, Google Sites, Yola, Blogger, and WordPress.

Snail Mail

If you know your exact moving date pretty far in advance you can send out real invitations through the mail. Pick up a pack of invitations, and make sure you include a map inside and an RSVP request. Obviously, using snail mail will require that you actually know the address of the people you are inviting. This information should not be too hard to get with a little effort though. It is so rare that most people receive something in the mail other than bills that it is almost impossible to decline the invitation.

Information to Include

Time – If you will need help at both locations you can put an estimated time you will be at the second address. Perhaps some people can show up for the second half of the day if others need to leave early.

Address – Most should know where you live, but you might need to include directions to the new place. Make sure you note any parking specifications people need to be aware of.
Requests – Do you need certain people to be in charge of bringing packing supplies, food, or refreshments? Maybe a few people you invite can loan you suitcases or extra plastic bins they have for a bit. Make sure you include these special requests in the invitation.

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