Estimating how much stuff you have when it’s still spread throughout the house can be difficult. Visualizing how boxes will stack up and how much space your furniture occupies is a feat of mental visualization. In truth, it might be manageable only for the most experienced mover. So how are you supposed to decide on what size storage unit you will need? Wasting money on a unit that’s too large or squishing your boxes into a unit that is too small are the unfortunate outcomes of poor estimation. Whether you’re storing just a few things during the move or planning to use the unit long-term, here’s the formula for sizing your storage unit.

storage How to Decide What Size Storage Unit You Will Need

The most common storage unit sizes

Storage size Unit Table How to Decide What Size Storage Unit You Will Need

Unless you’re an architect, these numbers might not mean much to you. So here is what you can expect to fit in each unit.

The 5 x 5 Storage Unit 

This is generally the smallest size unit and is the size of a medium closet. It can fit a twin-sized mattress or smaller, such as a baby’s crib. There is room for several small-medium-sized moving boxes and a bedside table or two. This size unit is ideal for storing your summer deck chairs and beach toys over the winter, or other seasonal items. Have a look at our tips for packing your belongings for storage. If you’re living in anything larger than a college dorm room, this size is probably too small to fit your entire home.

The 5 x 10 Storage Unit

If a small closet isn’t enough, this is something like a walk-in closet. You could fit a queen bed, your dresser, bedside tables, and several mid-sized moving boxes. If you imagine packing a bedroom into the middle of the room, that’s probably about the size of a 5 x 10 unit. A smaller sofa could also fit, and of course, more boxes could fit if you have less furniture to store. This size is ideal for a one-bedroom city apartment.

The 10 x 10 Storage Unit 

This is a substantial-sized unit. It is the size of a small, single-car garage bay. This size unit can hold two queen bedroom sets including dressers and bedside tables. Alternately, you could fit one bedroom set as well as furniture from the living room and dining room. Add on a number of small- to medium-sized boxes, and you can fill this unit fairly easily from a well-furnished one-bedroom apartment. Note, that this is also the smallest you can go if you have a king-sized mattress.

The 10 x 15 Storage Unit 

Two-bedroom apartments should look towards this size unit. The size of a standard one-car garage, that extra five feet makes a difference. The 10 x 15 can hold two bedroom sets plus furniture from your living and dining room, plus a number of moving boxes. If you have a lot of furniture, you may need to be really strategic about how you fit everything. So if you’d rather not play furniture Tetris, opt for the next size up.

The 10 x 20 Storage Unit

If you live in a multi-bedroom home with a decent amount of furniture, this should be your starting point. This unit can handle oversized items like large sofas, a refrigerator, the washer/dryer combo, a dining room set, and multiple bedroom sets. Strategically stack your small or medium boxes, or include larger boxes if you have the space. This size unit is also ideal if you have awkwardly shaped items, like multiple bicycles, kayaks, or a canoe.

Note: If you are looking to store a car, this is the size unit you need (or larger). Check with the storage company to be sure they permit the storage of vehicles in their units, as not all companies do.

The 10 x 30 Storage Unit

This is usually the largest unit and is the size of a 1 ½ car garage. Large and densely-furnished homes should opt for this size. Even with oversized furniture, dining sets, and bedroom sets, you can fit a lot in this sized unit. Make sure that your belongings are packed in sturdy boxes so you can stack them to save space. Then you should have plenty of room for all of your belongings and more!

what size storage unit you will need How to Decide What Size Storage Unit You Will Need

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