Your bedroom is one of the centers of your home. This is where you head after a long hard day to relax and get some much-needed sleep. If you’re planning a move, you’ll also need to pack up all items in your bedroom. Once you start, there are some things you should bear in mind and a few packing tips to consider.

Create a Packing List

The first thing you should do is create a packing list. Take a look at all the things you need in your bedroom. Start with your clothing – most people have a bed, bedding, a mattress, and a few pieces of furniture where they store items.

Start a Moving Timeline

Any move you plan should begin with a timeline. You might need to be out of the space in a few days, a few weeks, or not until next year. In all cases, it’s good to have a general idea of your planned time frame. This allows you to start with items that aren’t very important to you right now.

Keep it to the Necessities

Most people keep stuff in their bedrooms that they aren’t currently making use of. This typically varies from season to season. For example, if it’s really hot outside, you don’t need to have your winter coat on hand immediately. You can also safely pack away your thick cold weather boots in packing boxes. The same is true of your bedding. Your favorite electric blanket or down comforter can be put away for a few weeks until you really need them.

Moving Your Bed

The most important thing in your master bedroom is your bed. You don’t want to sleep on the floor. However, many people find it possible to sleep, at least for a short time, on just a mattress without the need for a box spring or a frame. You should start disassembling the bed frame at least a few days before you’re going to move. If you’ve kept the instructions on hand, that will make the disassembly and packing process easier. Place the pieces of the bed in boxes with labels on them. The same is true for a dresser that may have a mirror. Consider gently removing it from the dresser so it can be moved quickly. For ease of mind, consider hiring a professional moving service to pack and unpack all of your items.

Protecting Your Furniture

Moving delicate furniture can be tricky. People often have heavy or delicate furniture in their bedrooms. You don’t want your grandmother’s dresser to get nicks and scratches during the move. Make sure it’s all padded before the movers show up or ask if the moving company will be wrapping your furniture.

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