One of the first things you must do before even considering moving out is to declutter.  Taking unnecessary, unusable items to your next home limits space and costs extra money to transport.  Luckily, in our modern world, myriad ways exist to downsize, and some even garner profits.  You’ve heard of Craigslist, right? Craigslist and similar online “yard sales” allow you to publicize items you’re selling and earn money.  If you’re interested in padding your wallet before making moving arrangements, here’s how to safely sell your no longer needed or wanted wares on websites like this.

Creating Ads that Attract Buyers

Once you’ve decided to sell household items on Craigslist, you must create an ad that will attract buyers.  Opening up an account instead of just posting freestyle because you may need to republish this and, if successful, put up other items for sale.  Provide a good description that offers details but not too much because most people don’t want too much information.  Use pictures featuring the item for sale, so the buyer knows what they’re getting.  This also means being honest and not hiding defects that mar the item.  It’s helpful to provide a “link to the manufacturer’s description”, says Living Consciously, for the most accurate information.

Setting Prices

As they say, one person’s trash is another’s a treasure but that doesn’t mean that you set the bar so high that no one wants the item.  Figure out what the market value is and price it accordingly.  Life Edited recommends listing the price higher than you want or expect to get in order to leave room for negotiations.  However, once you negotiate a price, you cannot change it at the last minute.   If you are not aware, remember to never offer your financial information out to your buyer or anyone else interested in your wares.  For more valuable items and heirlooms, seek out more reputable, professional venues in which to sell them.

Making Contact and Staying Safe

When you draw up the ad, offer your contact information but make sure it’s not your physical address and use an alternate e-mail address.  Removing geotags from the product pictures you publish.  They also suggest working with local buyers if possible to cut down on scam artists arranging sham meetings.

Before you make a sale, decide the best way of delivering the item or meeting up with the buyer.   If you’ve found a buyer for what you’re selling, meet the person in a public place with a family member or friend in tow, partly for safety and partly for assistance in lifting heavy or awkwardly shaped items when the sale happens.  Showing you’re a trustworthy businessperson means that you get to the meeting on time.  If you’re late or no longer want to sell the item for whatever reason, do not just stand the buyer up – call or e-mail them and explain the situation.  Upon receipt of the payment, Apartment Therapy urges you to review the amount received before leaving.  Once you return home delete the post to avoid getting inundated with calls and e-mails.