Yep, we all know moving isn’t an easy thing and when it comes to the moving and storage of our personal belongings, packing with care is all that matters. Yes, you may have to invest in some quality moving and storage supplies, but rest assured it’s going to be well worth it – especially if you consider the cost of replacing and packing damaged or broken belongings.

Once you’ve packed away the important belongings in moving boxes and containers, you then have to consider securing your drawers and all other moving parts. When securing drawers, not only do you have to think of securing them against any damages but also to keep them safe during the moving trip. The question is how do you secure drawers? There are four easy things you should ensure:

1.    Make sure you lock all the cabinets and drawers. Install latches and locks if there aren’t any.

2.    Use bungee cords to secure the drawers and cabinets.

3.    Make sure you safely wrap all breakable items with plastic or paper wrappers before placing them in the drawers and cabinets.

4.    If the drawers and cabinets have large voids, make sure you fill them up with towels, blankets, or pillows to keep the items from tossing around.
That’s just all you need to take care of when securing drawers. Now, the next question is, how do you secure other moving parts? First of all, what are the other moving parts? Other moving parts are essential:

•    Furniture
•    Electronics
•    Major appliances
•    Dishes
•    Glassware
•    Lamps
•    Décor
•    Garage and lawn items

Now, let’s have a look at how to secure some of these moving parts.

How to Pack Furniture
1.    Use bubble wraps or furniture pads to wrap the furniture by securing it with the pads and taping it.
2.    If possible, remove the furniture legs and place the screws or wing nuts in plastic bags and have them taped to the underside of the furniture.
3.    Protect fine wooden furnishings by coating them with wax.
4.    Place pillow and sofa cushions in bags.
5.    Hire a moving and storage company to help pack and unload heavy furniture.

How to Pack Electronics
1.    Use original moving and storage boxes to pack electronics, especially if you have to ship them.
2.    Remove and immobilize all detachable moving parts, cables, and wires. Pack them in bags safely.
3.    Keep items like software and CDs separately with you (because they usually need to be kept away from high temperatures).

How to Pack Major Appliances
1.    Make sure all appliances are cleaned and dried 24 hours before the moving date.
2.    Consider using the empty spaces of your appliances to pack lightweight and crushable items.
3.    Make sure all washing machine hoses are emptied and disconnected and store them inside the washing machines. Immobilize all attachments like tubs.
4.    Tape all the electrical cords to each of the appliances and make sure all the lids and doors are securely closed.

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