For most people, bathrooms are heavily trafficked areas, so their frequent usage may deter you from picking them up when moving until the last possible moment.  Even though they’re generally in high demand, you should start packing them up in advance.  Not only will it make it easier to clean, but it will also lessen your stress during crunch time when the movers and new owners/renters are at your heels, ready to move you out.  Although it’s not a particular challenge, it is time-consuming and could be a dirty job, so here’s how to get started.


Go through your toiletries and use up anything that’s half full like shampoo or toothpaste.  If you know that you don’t like the product, just get rid of it or give unopened containers to friends, family, or a homeless or domestic violence shelter.  Combining leftover shampoos with partially used bottles will give you more space but only if you don’t mind consolidating them and using a product potpourri.  Ensure you properly seal or place partially opened containers in plastic bags if you’d like to take them with you so that they don’t spill.  Update your first aid kit before you move and stick it in your car or overnight bag.

For toilet brushes, toss them out unless they’re brand new.  Stock up on extra toilet paper because that’s the most common item people forget to bring with them.

Prescriptions and Other Medications

When you’ve lived in your home for a while, you tend to collect different medications and prescriptions for various ailments.  Take inventory and properly dispose of expired medications and those you no longer use.  Some should not be flushed down the toilet.  Check with your municipality if they accept expired and/or partially used prescriptions or contact the Federal DEA for National Drug Take Back days in your area.  Remember to keep those prescriptions you absolutely need with you at all times and prepare yourself by replenishing prescriptions that you’re low on before you move.


That trendy glittery green eyeshadow you’re saving?  Just get rid of it.  Make-up and facial creams should not be kept forever due to bacterial growth, weakening chemicals, and dried products.


Use towels to pad your moving boxes.  Throw out any towels, bathroom rugs, or shower curtains that harbor mildew.  Wash your shower curtains and bathroom rugs before you pack them or give them away if they do not match the décor or size of your new bathrooms.  Although you may want to leave them behind for the next owner that may not be allowed according to your contract.

Breakable and Sharp Items

Fragile items like clocks, knickknacks, mirrors, and perfume bottles should be carefully wrapped and layered in moving boxes using bathroom towels or bubble wrap.  Scales tend to be heavy, so wrap them up, too, and place them in the bottom of the moving box.  Make sure that razors, scissors, nail files, and tweezers are either wrapped up, kept in sturdy containers, or in plastic bins with sharp areas taped up.

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