Electronics make our lives easier, entertain and educate us, assist us in communicating with the world and complete our day’s work.  Amid glitches and overdependence, we value and need them, so when you move, it’s vital to know how to pack them with care, so that they’re not damaged or misplaced.  We will explain how you should pack them up so that your moving company can transport them without missing a beat or a beep.

Keep It All Together

Before you embark on packing your electronics, take photos of the current unit configuration for reference when you install them.  Also, take measurements of large electronics like your entertainment system and television and then decide where they will fit in your new home so that you’re not stuck with an awkward set-up or units you cannot use because there’s no ideal place for them.  Find the cords, supplemental pieces, remotes, and manuals and keep them with the unit, so nothing is out of order.

How to Pack

Sort through the cords, remotes, and owners’ manuals and dispose of or donate ones that don’t accompany current electronics you use or are incompatible.  Livability recommends backing up computer files, cleaning out devices, removing batteries and ink cartridges that could experience deterioration or malfunction from the elements, and using antistatic packing materials like bubble wrap or linens.

Start out by packing electronics in their original boxes if you still have them and pack like you would any fragile item.  If you don’t have the boxes anymore, ensure you use new moving boxes to protect them.  With easily damaged electronics, secure boxes with a double or triple dose of packing tape.  Be discreet about labeling them to deter theft.  Best Buy suggests labeling each piece of a unit with the same color stripe or dot within the box, so you know they go together.

Should You Use Storage?

Although you should keep your phones and any other devices you use daily — including hand-held games the kids play — with you, you may not need to immediately transport all your electronics.  Opt for storage for electronics that you don’t need right away.  At FlatRate Moving, our storage units are spacious and climate-controlled for sensitive equipment with tight security measures to protect them from theft.

Buy Extra Insurance

Moving insurance is generally included in your moving services total; however, coverage is limited, and you may not recoup the amount you spent on an expensive electronic device if it’s lost, damaged, or stolen.  Check your homeowners’ or renters’ insurance to see if coverage is provided between moves and how it treats valuable items.  In order to safeguard your electronics further, you may want to purchase additional insurance.

Let the Pros Pack and Install

Packing up fragile, expensive electronics can be time-consuming, detail-intensive, and nerve-wracking.  Due to their sensitivities, you must use proper packing techniques and materials for electronics, and disconnecting the units runs you the risk of not being able to hook them back up again or receive the service you’ve come to expect.  Why perform the tasks yourself when you can rely on your moving company to do it? We provide both packing and installation services, so you don’t have to concern yourself with these matters.  Since our movers and installation experts provide their services on a frequent basis to everyone from upscale clients to your average Joe, they know exactly what to do and how to do it in an efficient, careful manner.