Whether you have an extensive wine collection that you are quite proud of or simply a couple of glasses from your wedding that really means a lot, you are probably wondering how to pack wine glasses for moving. No one has to tell you how fragile these glasses are, so you already know that you need to take every precaution possible to make sure that they do not get damaged during transit from one home to the next. Picking up and setting down boxes, as well as a few potholes can do a lot of damage to fragile contents that are not properly packed.

Ideas for protecting your Glass Bottles

Use a Cell Box to Pack Wine Bottles for Moving

Most people wondering how to pack wine bottles for moving are going to use a cell box for their stemware. These cardboard boxes have thin dividers that prevent the glasses from hitting one another every time the truck hits a bump. You can buy these from a moving company or box store. If you are having packers handle this for you let them ahead of time that you will need a cell box.

Cell Box Alternatives for Wine Bottles and Glasses

You do not have to spend money to pack your wine glasses safely. If you go to your local liquor store, you should be able to get some free boxes just like these specialty ones that the liquor shipment arrives in. Your local grocer may also have something similar that delicate fruits were delivered in. Young coconuts and mangoes are often delivered in these boxes.

Wrap Wine-Related Glass With Paper

If you are wondering how to pack crystal wine glasses the last thing that you want to use is newspaper. That ink from the paper can transfer to the glass, and then you risk breaking them while scrubbing away the marks. White tissue paper is a much better option. Use a separate piece for each glass. Place the glass on an angle at the corner of the paper and roll. Then, just fold the ends.

How to Pack Wine Glasses for Moving? Bubble Wrap, Of Course!

If you are determined to use bubble wrap be sure to never apply it directly to the glass. It needs to go above the tissue paper. This is more convenient anyway because then you can tape the wrap to the paper and not worry about damaging the glass while pulling the tape away.

Stuff the Box When Packing Glasses

Even though the glasses are in a cell box with dividers, you still do not want them bouncing around. No need to stress! So, once they are wrapped and in there, you want to fill the individual cells so the contents are held in place. The white paper used for wrapping can be crumpled up and added to cells to fill space. Alternately, you can also use clean socks. Then, while you are unpacking, you can give your child the very important job of matching socks.

No Cell Box Solutions for Wine

What if you can’t find a cell box or you have literally waited until the day before to start packing, and now no stores are open? Well, rest assured that you do have options! First, wrap the glasses individually in brown paper lunch bags. This will give you plenty of crumply material to take up space in the box.

Now, to create the “cells” so the glasses don’t rattle, you are just going to use Styrofoam plates. Don’t forget cushioning at the bottom of the box, too. This will offer a little extra protection. Place a hoodie, a couple of tees, or a soft sweater in the bottom of the box. Of course, you can always leave the packing to the professionals.

Label Your Wine Boxes

Wondering how to pack crystal wine glasses? Make sure “fragile” labels are on at least two sides and the top of the boxes containing glasses and/or bottles. If there is only one box and you have room in your car, you may want to just move the box with you. Then you know exactly where it is, and you can place it somewhere safe in the new home where nothing will get stacked on top of it.

How to Pack Wine Bottles for Moving

Wine does not appreciate being disturbed. It is important to do what you can to maintain a consistent temperature for it. If you are planning your move in advance then you have time to order wine shipping containers. These look a lot like egg cartons. Some enclose around a bottle while others stack. Alternately, you can use the cell boxes or liquor boxes for this purpose, as well.

Important Considerations

Saying wine is sensitive would be stating it mildly. If you are wondering how to pack wine bottles for moving, you need to know that the position of the bottle is important. Some vintage reds need to be packed and transferred upside down to ensure that the corks stay wet and sediment remains undisturbed.

As a final note, never open a bottle of wine right after it has been moved. The wine can be shocked, thereby changing the flavor. Experts recommend waiting at least seven days before opening a bottle.

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