Nobody likes to spend their afternoon on hold, waiting while their moving company figures out if they can change the moving plans. Or even better, figuring out where the truck is and why it still hasn’t arrived! It can be a frustrating, helpless feeling. That is why using a moving app will make your next move easier!
From managing the logistical details to tracking your inventory, a moving app can help you manage every aspect of the move from start to finish with zero time spent on hold with your movers. Here are some of the features that’ll make you wish you’d had an app for all of those other moves, too

Keep a photo inventory

Whether you take photos of everything prior to the move or not, every box will be documented in your app! This is how you and your movers will keep track of your entire shipment to ensure that everything makes it to your final destination. This is important, particularly for long-distance moves, where your items will likely be shipped on a consolidated truck. You can rest easy knowing that you have photos of everything in your moving inventory at your fingertips.

Your photo inventory should also make unpacking easier! With full knowledge of what’s what, your movers can deliver each box to the appropriate room in your new home. Less time spent moving boxes from room to room keeps everybody happier!

Change your move details

When your building manager lets you know that they need to bump your reservation at the loading dock, panic might ensue. But using a moving app means you can pull out your phone and change your details quickly and easily!

Then, up to one day before your move, log in and confirm all of your details to make sure everything is set for moving day. You’ll have a listing of the team’s planned arrival time and any add-on services you’ve booked without having to leaf through the notes you took while on the phone. The power of being informed!

Track your moving truck

If you are the highly punctual type, you may be sitting at home on moving day wondering exactly when your movers will arrive. City traffic can make exact timing tough, but this is where your moving app will make things easier! Track your moving truck as it travels and, if you have questions or need a last-minute request, you can message your movers directly. While one crew member drives, the other can help you with any last-minute details in real-time.

%name How using a moving app will make your next move easier

Review and tip your movers with the moving app

Gone are the days of handing out a stack of cash tips to your moving crew! Tip your movers directly through the app for a job well done. Once you’re settled in, take a minute to review the moving process and, if you’re inspired, offer some words of praise. Having every step of the moving process managed through your app means you have everything in one place, from receipts to all of your communications with the team.

Request delivery of items from storage

If you utilize storage services over the course of your move (it’s a great option!), you’ll eventually want those things back! Whether two weeks later, or six months, the process is the same. Log into your app and, using your photo inventory, find the items you want. Send a message to your movers and they’ll retrieve the belongings you need to be delivered to you. Only want a few of your boxes? Not a problem. You can customize your request to tell your team exactly what you need.

using a moving app  How using a moving app will make your next move easier

Using a moving app will make your next move easier, there’s no doubt about that. So download the FlatRate Moving App and see just how much time and headache you can save!
Since FlatRate has an app that allows users to control everything from their phone as well as take photo inventory, let’s highlight how much easier it makes the whole process. No waiting on hold to talk to associates for every little question or change, no emailing back and forth.

Highlight features of the app:

  • Photo inventory
  • Tip movers through the app
  • Track your moving truck
  • Change moving details
  • Message movers directly
  • Request items from the storage