You are called into your boss’ office, and you can’t help but think you must be in trouble for something. You were late yesterday, but you are positive no one saw you sneak in, and you stayed later to make up for it. As you are sitting there planning your thoughtful defense, you are told the surprising news that you are being promoted to run the branch on the other side of the country. You hardly have time to enjoy your excitement before you are told you have to leave in 10 days. Is that even possible?  A cross-country move is hard enough, how are you supposed to pull it off in 10 days? While it may all feel a little overwhelming, this guide will help.

Last-minute movers to the rescue!

Accept the Size of the Move

Don’t spend a whole day wondering if you can pull it off. Plenty of people have moved in less time. Accept it! Realize you have a lot to do and put a plan in motion. The longer you dwell on the big picture the more time you waste. You need to dig in, start making lists and stay organized. You can do this!

It is easy to work yourself into a state of panic as your cross-country move quickly approaches. If you stay focused on one task at a time you will chisel away the list of things you need to do. You might even end up with some free time to browse the Internet for hiking trails, museums, and recommended restaurants in your new area.

Hire National Movers

A cross-country move at the last minute is not a project you want to tackle alone. Your company is probably paying for movers anyway. You may have this great idea running through your mind that you will take the moving funds, rent a truck, handle it on your own, and have money left over to buy some new furniture. Don’t do it!

You also do not want to hire the first cross-country moving company you find listed on an Internet directory or in the Yellow Pages either. Get a few quotes, read reviews, and make sure that the company has a USDOT number issued by the U.S. Department of Transportation. It is important to make an educated decision.

Hire Packers

You do not have to hire packers, but if you have a fully furnished large home and you still have to work every day there is no way you will have time to handle the packing on your own. A professional moving team can have it done in a fraction of the time it would take you to do.

Consider Storage

With such a big move you don’t want to be rushed into settling on a home in a hurry. Consider having the movers put your belongings in a climate-controlled storage facility in your new location. You can stay in a corporate suite or short-term furnished apartment temporarily. This will give you time to explore the area and find a place you love.