Top Tips for Moving Long Distance to Help You Find the Best Moving Service, Avoid Hiccups, and Save $$$

If you are moving across the country, you need a moving company that can handle the unique challenges that this will create. When you move further afield, you will find that more logistical challenges present themselves and of course, costs will go up too. Your job then is to spend the time finding a company that can meet those challenges while keeping costs low.

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the crucial things to look out for when choosing cross country moving and some great tips that will save you money and headaches.

Where Do They Operate?

The first thing you need to ensure is that the company is able to provide you with the service you need. That means they need to legally operate in the states that you will be moving between. It also means they need to offer all of the other services you require; whether that is packing, installation, or something else entirely, can they handle it? While some companies may advertise themselves as ‘cross country movers’, that’s a title that is open to interpretation. So be sure that they can take you from point A to B!

How Long Will the Cross Country Move Take?

Another thing to look into is the amount of time you can expect to wait for your goods to arrive. If the service has handled similar relocations, then it should be able to offer not only a price quote but also a delivery window. That way, you can be sure precisely when your belongings will be arriving at your new address. Make sure that this is a guaranteed delivery window too if you are going to be making other plans around their arrival.

The best companies will provide various allowances to deal with difficult situations. For example, some cross-country movers will provide a shuttle service if the truck is too big for the street or drive. Make sure you know how much this will cost upfront as well.

What Does the Price Include?

When choosing cross country movers, you of course want to get the best value for money. But don’t be won over by the first low price you see! What is the real cost for a moving company? Find out precisely what you are getting for the amount you’re paying and what the company’s policies are regarding delays and other issues. One crucial tip, for instance, is to make sure that your company charges a flat rate (also called a ‘binding estimate’) rather than paying per hour or based on other moving targets. If you’re moving a hundred miles or more, traffic can end up making a massive difference to the amount of time that delivery takes. If your costs are tied to that, then they will be very unpredictable. Instead, aim for a service that will honor the price it quotes. That way you can budget more precisely and be sure that you aren’t going to get caught unawares.

How Can You Get the Price Even Lower?

Even when looking at flat rates, policies can differ from company to company. Find out whether your organization charges by volume rather than weight or vice versa. What you choose will depend on which will suit your particular items better. You also want to look for a price that is all-inclusive. This will ensure that there are no hidden costs that will surprise you when the bill comes. Look as well for companies that offer consolidated moving. That basically means that more than one customer will use the same shipment. This is better for the environment and for the price you’ll ultimately pay.

Another reason it’s useful to check the precise cost of moving? You may find that once you have a quote, you can actually lower your costs by selling and repurchasing certain items. For example, if you have an old mattress that costs $500 to ship to CA, you might do better to sell the old one and buy a replacement. It amounts to getting a big discount on a brand new item!

Storage Options

If you’re moving a long way from your current home, then there is a chance that you are going to need to use a storage solution to hold your items while you iron out the details. For that reason, it’s useful to find a company that also offers storage at locations convenient for your move. FlatRate can provide storage at 8 locations around the country: NY, NJ, DC, Orlando, Miami, SF, LA, and Denver.

Safety and Security

Unfortunately, the truth is the further you are traveling, the greater chance there is that your items will get damaged along the way. For that reason, you need to find a company that will take extra care. This means finding cross-country movers that will use the best containers (at FlatRate, for instance, we have the option of customized wooden crates). Make sure they also have a good reputation based on customer reviews. Always ensure your moving service has insurance too so that your items will be covered against any damages.

Keep these tips in mind when choosing cross-country movers. Ultimately, you can save money and headaches by working with the service that’s best suited to your needs. The further you move, the more important it is to find the right cross-country movers to work with. It’s well worth the investment!

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