You have loyalty clubs and member cards coming out of your ears. You accumulate points like they’re going out of style and have the skinny on every members-only sale, perk and benefit in a 100-mile radius. You are, dare we say it, an expert regular. This is likely why you’re reading this. Because after all, if you moved more than once, it may have occurred to you that there are benefits to being a loyal moving company regular as well. And the good news? You are right.

What You Get From Repeat Moves With FlatRate Moving

It is a rarely acknowledged fact that repeat customers of moving companies often receive priority treatment. One of the reasons for this is that moving companies are notoriously bad at communicating the internal workings of their VIP process. (And of course, some simply don’t have different levels of service.) However, we are huge proponents of supporting our best customers–and we go above and beyond to explain and deliver our priority treatment. 

Our loyalty club member benefits include preferred pricing with instant rebates on new moves, generous loyalty club points awarded for both moving with us and referring additional moves, and access to a network of moving support, professional partners, and ancillary services. Returning customers also have the added benefit of working with senior relocation specialists who have already supported their prior moves in addition to an established moving inventory and needs history. Was your building particularly cautious and required extra safety precautions? No need to remind us–we have that in our notes from last time!

Who Is Really Eligible?

You may be surprised to find out that benefits for repeat moving customers begin at just the second move–no need to move 100 times to get recognition or reap rewards. Even better, friends and family members of our repeat customers share access to almost all of the same benefits–even if it is their first time moving with us! That’s right–new customers referred by our repeat customers automatically jump to priority repeat status.

What Are Points Good For?

So we give our loyalty club members points… well, what are they good for anyway? Are they really worth it? Short answer: Yes! 

For starters, you can redeem accumulated points for Amazon gift cards or money towards your next move. (Simply put—they’re worth money!) Even better, you can get points for all kinds of reasons, meaning you can earn more from us even if you aren’t moving right now. Currently in one of our storage units? Yes, we give points for that. Referred a friend? Points for that too! You even get points just for requesting a quote… Yes, we’ll admit it–we are points crazy! And our moving company regulars are too!

If you have ever moved with us, make sure to check out our loyalty club and see how we can benefit you. Spoiler Alert: You likely already have accumulated points from your first move with us!