If you have been put in charge of moving a warehouse then someone must think very highly of your organizational skills. Either that, or you are the owner, and you don’t trust anyone else to handle the responsibility. Regardless of your situation, this is a huge job! If you are not on top of things from the beginning, you will likely feel overwhelmed, stressed, out of control, and maybe even a little frustrated. This guide will help you keep a firm handle on everything. Take your time and double-check every detail. There are a lot of things that could go wrong or be completely forgotten during a warehouse move.

  • Contact a Moving Company – If you were moving house, you would have a long list of moving companies to choose from. However, you cannot just hire any random company to handle a move of this size. Look for one with proven experience in this area. Read reviews, get a quote, decide on one, and schedule your move. These are not professionals you can wait until the last minute to book. 
  • Ensure Infrastructures – There is a long list of resources you may need to make sure you have access to. Some of these include forklifts, pallets, shelving, communication means, and safety wear.
  • Organize Current Inventory – Now is the time to go through your current warehouse and make sure everything is in the right place. Otherwise, there is a good chance it will just go into the wrong spot in the new warehouse. 
  • Obtain Moving Supplies – Some warehouse moves may be as simple as moving pallets from one building to another. Others will require a significant amount of packing. It is a good idea to make a list of the moving supplies you think you might need. This includes aisle marking tape, wardrobe bars, pallet wrap, anti-slip tape, blankets, surface protection films, etc. 
  • Organize Employees – Some warehouse moves barely involve employees. They are simply told where to punch in at the new place. Other companies choose to form moving teams with their employees and give each one a different responsibility. If your warehouse is moving a significant distance then this category could also include organizing moving expenses for employees, as well. Make sure you have regular meetings and provide reading material for employees to reference, so there is never a question of what is expected. 
  • Pack the Offices – Chances are pretty good that there are offices in your warehouse. Assign someone to be in charge of packing these areas. If there are several offices, then perhaps everyone will be in charge of their own office, or at least their personal belongings. 
  • Organize Changes – You will need to make a list of all changes to take care of. For example, you will need to have your computer network, utilities, waste removal, etc. lined up at your new warehouse. Address changes will need to be provided to every company you do business with. Also, your delivery schedule may need to change. You might decide to receive lighter deliveries for the weeks leading up to the move, so there is less inventory. Some will prefer to increase delivery quantity, so they don’t have to worry about checking in a delivery in the new warehouse right away. Your changes to the schedule, deliveries, etc., will depend on the needs and daily operations of your particular warehouse. 

Moving a warehouse is a huge project. You may find you need to make lists for every area of the move, and this is okay! It will help to be able to see what needs to be done at a glance and check things off the list that are taken care of. Do make sure you call to verify the move with the moving company at least one week prior.

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