Many people think a condo is just a more expensive version of an apartment. This is actually not true. Living in a condo gives you the perks that come along with homeownership without the lawn maintenance and other upkeep responsibilities. Of course, like houses, there are condo rentals available, and you generally get to enjoy available property amenities, such as a pool, fitness room, etc. If you are moving into a condo, there are a lot of decisions to make and things to do, other than request quotes from companies that offer moving services. This checklist will help keep you on track when moving into your condominium.

Get Measurements of the Condo

If you are moving from an apartment, this may not be such an important step. Your furnishings will likely fit in the condo and through hallways and doors. If you currently live in a house and have some oversized items, taking measurements is crucial.

Get Moving Quotes

As mentioned, scheduling moving services will definitely be on your list. Don’t just open the Yellow Pages and look for the nicest ad or turn to an online directory and pick the first one on the list. Call for quotes, take the time to read reviews, check their rating with the Better Business Bureau, and look up their USDOT number.

Book an Elevator

Many condos have private entries, so this task does not apply. If you are moving into a building with an elevator, you will probably need to book the service one, so you don’t inconvenience the rest of the residents. It is very important that you do this! You do not want your movers ready to unload all your belongings only to find out the elevator is already booked. In some cases, you could even be facing a fine for an unscheduled move.

Keep Receipts

Is your move work-related? If it is, and your employer is not covering the expenses they may be tax-deductible.

Pack Daily

Don’t wait until the last minute to start packing. If you do a little every day, you won’t feel rushed and overwhelmed closer to moving day. You may even want to hire packers if you have a full schedule. Either way, make sure you pack an essentials box, so you don’t have to tackle all the boxes in one night just to find the stuff you need.

Confirm Moving Services

Even the top-rated moving companies can have a scheduling mishap. Just give the movers a call the week prior to confirm the day and time.

Change Address

You already know you need to change your address with the post office, but don’t forget to notify your bank, credit cards, employer, IRS, health institutions, schools, and newspaper and magazine subscriptions.

Deal with Utilities

If the utilities are currently in your name, and you have the same providers at your new address, then you will just need to transfer service. Otherwise, you will need to schedule connect and disconnect service. Make sure you give yourself a little wiggle room on the disconnect date; just in case the move gets delayed a day or two for some unavoidable reason.