Unless you want to break your back handling the movers’ job, you’re not working out until you find a new gym.  Searching for the ideal gym is a very personal decision, and you should look for one before moving out of your current home, so you don’t lose your momentum.  It’s a lot easier if you can transfer your current membership to a different branch of your local gym, but if you’re engaging in a long-distance move, this may be impossible.  Let’s navigate what considerations to make when finding a new gym.

Stay Close

Wherever you decide to move, check within a close radius of where the nearest gyms are located.  Even if you’re a committed gym rat, on days when it’s more of a struggle or your schedule is tight, says Sparkpeople, dragging yourself to the neighborhood gym won’t be an issue.  Besides, you may meet your new neighbors!

What Do They Offer?

Before you join just any gym, review the services and programs they offer.  If you’re a yoga enthusiast, a traditional gym may not offer the expertise or classes you want.  If you want a personal trainer to build routines specifically for you, you need to locate that service.  Parents with young children may want babysitting services.  Joining a gym without programs you prefer determines how often you’ll visit.

Payment Policies

Gyms offer all different types of payment schedules for their members.  Ask about their fees and read the contract carefully before signing up to catch any hidden costs.  Find out, too, states Huffington Post if membership is transferable with other locations for gyms that are part of a chain.

Take a Tour

To get a better idea of the facility, schedule a tour with a gym representative.  You’ll be able to check out what equipment they have, what condition it’s in, and how spacious the facility is.  Remember to also check out the locker rooms and bathrooms.  Note the overall cleanliness of the place and ask how often the rooms and equipment are cleaned.  You’re joining a gym to get healthy, not sick.

Pick for Your Personality

What’s your gym personality like? Do you want to socialize or are you serious about fitness? Are you into weight training or swimming laps? Ask yourself what you need in your workout routine and if that gym complements your lifestyle.  Find out when their peak hours are and how accessible the facility is at that time and during the weekend.

Who are the Members and Staff?

Meeting the staff is important but observing them during classes and interacting with members will tell you what they’re really like.  Also, watch what activities the members partake in most and how they act – you’ll get a true grasp of the gym’s personality and if you fit in.

Review the Reviews

Sometimes, the best method for finding something you like is via word of mouth and recommendations by those close to you.  Google the gyms you’re interested in and scan through reviews, too.  Ask your moving company for ideas because how else do the movers stay in optimum shape to haul your moving boxes, anyway?

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