If you recently became a widow/widower due to your spouse enduring a long-term illness or unexpectedly dying, important decisions must be made.  When moving from your current home, circumstances may appear quite different than they did when you originally moved in.  Your finances, your lifestyle, your wants, and your needs – everything changes.  How will you move on your own, especially if close relatives including grown children live far away? What if it IS just you against the world? Physically moving your belongings is difficult when you relied on your spouse to help shoulder the load before.  Let our moving company be your “mate” in moving by having us help plan your move every step of the way.

Seeking Storage Facilities

Sometimes, choosing a new place to live after your spouse dies involves downsizing your current home.  Maybe you’re moving to an apartment or with relatives and space is limited.  Of course, you may want to give away or sell some possessions, but maybe you’re not ready or own large heirlooms you’d like to keep for posterity but cannot store. With our moving company, you can opt to place those items in storage. We offer many locations in and around major cities.  Our storage facilities provide 24-hour security, climate control, and private indoor access.  Unlike other storage places, we offer photo inventory and  — get this! – designer storage rooms.  Once you relocate, if it’s a distance, we will deliver your items right to your door.

Donate Items When You Move

Say you’ve decided that you really don’t need all this stuff anymore.  You miss your spouse, but the items collected throughout the years carry no sentimental value and serve no need.  Before you shed your stuff, ask us about our UPCYCLE program.  If you arrange a move through our NYC branch, we’ll give you two UPCYCLE boxes to use for small items you’re giving away.  When we’ve accumulated “at least a half truck worth of merchandise,” the boxes will be delivered to the Bronx Salvation Army warehouse.  Those items will then go to local businesses for resale.  With UPCYCLE, you can donate to a worthy cause without ever having to lift a finger.

Best for Your Moving Budget

Without the extra income or in a challenging real estate market where your house sale didn’t yield the amount you hoped, you may need to carefully monitor your expenses and budget your money to afford the move, especially if you’re moving long-distance to be closer to family.  Our moving specialists will work around your budget, disclose moving expenses ahead of time and stick with them by honoring our fixed price program.  This allows you to save money and account for every last cent you’ll need to make this difficult move easy.

Move Anything and Everything Anywhere

Protect valuables like your antique grandfather clock or the wine collection you amassed.  Hire our Elite Movers to transport your treasures, so that they arrive in style, safe and sound, free from damage and disarray by using custom crates and smaller trucks.  We can also pack anything you own, so the move is stress-free, and the weight doesn’t weigh on you, especially when making a life change along with a move. Just take inventory, hand it over to us and we’ll pack it for you.