When moving to and from buildings in New York City the most common restrictions have to do with elevator restrictions and obtaining a Certificates of Insurance. Outside of these two occasionally you will run into others like reserving the day of the week as many of these buildings don’t allow moves over the weekend.

Restrictions aside, when scheduling moves in upscale buildings it can be of the upmost importance to work with the best moving companies in NYC who will conduct the move with caution. As you want to ensure that the building isn’t damaged by placing floor and wall protection wherever needed. Getting a reputable moving company could not be more important. The best companies will have already had experience moving into luxury buildings and understand the nuances of them. Professional NYC moving companies have relationships with management to make sure every aspect of the move is done carefully. If you want more information on how to pick the right moving company we have a great blog article on just that topic! Feel free to give FlatRate Moving a call with any questions, and we’d be happy to help!

Certificate of Insurance

If you’re unsure if your move will require a COI, we can help shed light on this notorious document. A certificate of insurance (“COI”) is just a document that shows proof of insurance coverage for a given entity and in moving it exists to legally protect the building in case of damage or injury. A COI is pretty simple and should be provided to you if you’ve chosen a reputable moving company. It is almost guaranteed that your move will require one when it comes to moving in or out of almost any NYC apartment building, especially any luxury/high-rise.

To secure the COI for your move the first step is to talk to your building management company and obtain a sample of the COI from them. Then you will just give that sample to the moving company and they will fill it out from there. For more detailed information on COIs and how to secure them for your building we have a dedicated COI blog article to help you on that topic!

shutterstock 7370364 ECMx8 1024x535 Does New York City have building and elevator restrictions when it comes to moving?

Elevator Restrictions

Aside from the Certificates of Insurance, moving to/from a luxury building generally has other restrictions. Definitely you will need to reserve your elevator ahead of time, usually days in advance. One reason being that the day of the week plays a large part as many people decide to move on similar days. Fridays can be very popular and as you have many neighbors but only a couple of elevators they can become all booked up fast. Adding to their low availability is that many of these buildings don’t allow moves over the weekend creating even more demand for the during the week.