Before moving day, an onsite consultation can play a vital role in the success of a move. This onsite visit allows our movers to familiarize themselves with the unique aspects of your space and belongings. They are able to locate access points like elevators and stairways, and properly prepare to avoid any mishaps or delays on moving day.

In order to have a successful move, it is important for our expert movers to coordinate many details of the move, ensuring the move comes together seamlessly and efficiently. We believe so strongly in the importance of onsite visits that we offer this service for free, and we recommend it for every move we handle. 

At FlatRate Moving we offer three methods for you to share the details about your move; A phone consultation, a virtual assessment, or an onsite visit. Our goal is to tailor our approach to your unique needs. Here is some information about the advantages of each method to help you determine which one suits your needs. 

Phone Consultation

During a phone consultation, our experienced mover will discuss the specific details of your move. This includes the requirements and specific preferences you may have. This consultation gathers essential information about the move such as:

  • Inventory List: Create a detailed inventory list of all the items you plan to move
  • Special items that require extra care
  • Specific services needed such as packing or storage

This type of method is good for small and simple moves. A small move is a move that includes a small apartment or studio moving minimal furniture between short distances. A phone consultation may not be effective in capturing the complexities of some moves. Anything beyond a small and simple move we recommend exploring other assessment options. 

%name Onsite Visits And Why Theyre Essential

Virtual Consultation

Virtual consultations are a more in depth assessment than a phone call. These consultations are almost as effective as onsite visits, especially for small and straightforward moves. This method allows our moving experts to:

  • Create a detailed inventory
  • Identify high-value or special items requiring special handling
  • Evaluate access points
  • Understand specific packing and crating needs

In virtual consultations, it is hard to assess the size of your entrance, any elevators, hallway space, and the real size of furniture. This is why FlatRate Moving recommends an onsite visit for anything other than a small and simple move.

If you’ve never done a virtual consultation before, and/or want some tips and tricks on how to do one best, please read this blog article 

Onsite Visit

When it comes to complex moves, an onsite assessment is highly recommended. During an onsite visit, a FlatRate Moving consultant will visit the location of your move and conduct a thorough and detailed evaluation. This includes:

  • Creating an inventory list: To determine your guaranteed flat rate quote.
  • Evaluating inventory items: To plan and prepare moving logistics.
  • Estimating boxing requirements: Ensuring a safe and secure packing and transportation process.
  • Assessing furniture treatment needs: Disassembly, reassembly and more.
  • Measuring specific items: To ensure the proper manpower and moving materials are present.
  • Evaluating entrance dimensions: This guarantees everything will safely fit through the door.

This assessment will allow for detailed and seamless planning and preparation for your move. 

Table: Advantages of Phone Consultation, Virtual and On Site Visits:

Type of Consultation Advantages Best For
Phone Consultation Convenient, time-saving, flexible with scheduling Small and simple moves.
Virtual Consultation Visual assessment, item identification, improved planning, convenient Any moves larger than a small and simple move.
Onsite Visit Comprehensive assessment, in-person logistics planning, accurate inventory and space evaluation. All moves, especially complex ones.

Floor protection
%name Onsite Visits And Why Theyre Essential

Each consultation method is designed to ensure that your moving experience is curated perfectly to your moving needs, providing you with convenience and precision. 

Our recommendation is to schedule an onsite visit – which is done for free at FlatRate Moving, however, we are experienced and fully prepared to work with any type of consultation method to guarantee a flawless moving experience.