Do you ever just look around and feel a little annoyed, embarrassed, or overwhelmed by how much stuff you really do have? Do you constantly say you need to get rid of some things, but then you never do? Maybe you just don’t know where to begin, or perhaps you are too emotionally attached to certain things. Of course, if you are like most others, you are probably holding onto some items for that special occasion. Are you really even going to use them? A good purge feels amazing; sometimes you just need a little motivation to get started.

Assess Your Needs

Throughout the process, you should continuously ask yourself if you really need something. What are you holding onto it for? Have you used it in the past 6 to 12 months? If your home is cramped, evaluate your furniture. Does anyone even sit at that large dining room table, or would a small two-seat bistro set be more appropriate? Do you need that extra chair in the living room, or is it there just because it matches, or you’ve had it forever?

Sell, Donate, or Trash

If you don’t have any empty boxes stashed in the garage or your storage space, there is a ton of places where you can pick up free boxes. You will need to label them sell, donate, or trash. Of course, if you have no intentions of selling anything, you can eliminate this third box. As you go through everything, whatever you are getting rid of can go in one of these boxes. Sure, you are saving that extra coffeemaker in case the brand new one you have ever broken, but wouldn’t it feel good to donate it instead and let someone get some use out of it who will appreciate it? You might as well donate a shelf of coffee mugs too because chances are good, you probably use your favorite one every day.

Tackle the Closet

Why are clothes, shoes, and bags so hard to get rid of? If you haven’t worn something in a year, then you probably never will. The only exception to this rule would be a tuxedo, gown, or wedding dress. If you have been holding onto your favorite pair of jeans for 4 years, hoping you will get back into them, just let them go. They are probably out of style now anyway, and if you can get to that size again then celebrate by buying a new pair.

If you are really not sure if you are ready to part with something, put it in the back of your closet. If you still have not worn it in another 6 months it is seriously time to get rid of it.

Rent a Storage Unit

If you really are not sure if you are ready to part with something, rent a storage unit for 3 to 6 months. If you don’t miss anything stored in there after this time, then you can get rid of it. Quite often though, if it is out of sight, it is out of mind too. You may wonder why you ever held onto that old chair in the first place.

Storage units come in quite a few different sizes, but if you only have some odds and ends and a few boxes, a small 5’ x 5’ unit will likely do just fine. These are quite inexpensive. As a note, even though you may be getting rid of these items, you should still opt for a climate-controlled storage unit. It does not matter if you end up keeping, donating, or selling; you don’t want to find everything ruined because of temperature or humidity.

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