Although we don’t recommend using secondhand moving boxes when moving, even if you purchase brand new ones from us, you will be saddled with gently used boxes that have no place to go after a move.  Despite thinking they may be useless, boxes may offer a second life if you treat them with kindness and carefully store them. Moving is not the be-all, end-all existence for a box, contrary to popular belief.  Contained right here in this moving blog, we will cover other uses for boxes and how they can help others.

Reuse the Boxes

Buying fresh moving boxes is your best bet, but if you decide to reuse a box, reuse it once and then dispose of it.  More than one time could render the boxes unusable in some form or fashion.  Before storing them, disassemble them and make a pile.  You can reuse them as storage in your attic, basement, or closet for non-seasonal clothes, decorations, fine china, or anything else you don’t need all year.  If you frequently sell items online or send care packages to distant relatives, reuse them to ship those things.  For future moves, you can cut them up and use the pieces to strategically wrap up sharp objects like knives or safeguard a mirror.

Recycle the Moving Boxes

Treat the environment right and recycle your gently used moving boxes.  Ensure you break them down first and check your municipal recycling rules, regulations, and pick-up schedule.


Any boxes that are filthy, bent up and ripped or exposed to the elements, or contaminated by bugs, other pests or dangerous chemicals or mold should be disposed of right away.  Remember to disassemble the box before trashing.

Pass Them On to Businesses, Charities, and Friends

If your moving boxes are in good condition, why not pass them on to those who could put them to good use? Ask friends and neighbors if they need extra boxes for moving or storage or post an ad on an online community bulletin board, Facebook yard sale group, Freecycle, Craigslist, or at work.  Other local moving companies or storage facilities may accept them as well as various charities.  Goodwill and the Salvation Army will accept them, and you can offer them to churches, schools, domestic violence, homeless shelters, and soup kitchens.  However, they recommend that you review the charities’ donation guidelines before donating.

Sell Them

Some people even make money selling gently used boxes if you’re interested in picking up a few extra bucks.  Assess the boxes you have and post ads online to garner sales.

Get Crafty with the Kids

If you’re the creative kind, you may want to design your own household items and trinkets out of your cardboard moving boxes like planters, coasters, gift tags, and much more, according to Bob Vila.  Once you disassemble and spread out the moving boxes, you can cut them up and decorate them, make Christmas ornaments or paint an oversized box to create a house or another building.  Check out a bunch of super cool ideas you can make for your kids with their help on Buzzfeed by just using your used boxes!