The temptation to find used moving boxes for your upcoming move is unbelievably great.  They’re free, readily available if you charm the grocer the right way, and your parents always reused boxes.  Plus they could be adorned with cool logos displaying your favorite beverage or pretty images of tropical fruit.  What’s not to like? However, reusing boxes increases the risk of losing or damaging beloved items or even contributing to avoidable injuries from an overstuffed, collapsing box falling onto your foot.  Let’s open the lid on why it’s better to use new boxes when moving.

They’re Sturdier

Brand new boxes are going to be much sturdier than ones that have been used more than once.  From consistent wear and tear, the material degrades with each use, leaving it less able to carry your items and therefore less reliable.

They’re Safer

Your possessions make you happy and help you with daily living, so would you trust an old, crumbling box to house your treasures? A well-sealed, new box with plenty of bubble wrap keeps your items safe until the movers deliver them.

Right Size for the Right Stuff

When you’re moving your entire household, you’re not just moving easily packed, lightweight items.  You’re moving oddly shaped dishes, heavy books, and awkwardly large mattresses.  To properly transport these items and more, you need the right box that snugly holds belongings in place for the long haul.  Just locating a leftover box in a dumpster or on the street doesn’t guarantee the right shape for your fragile, expensive plasma TV.

FlatRate Knows What You Need

Maybe we’re tooting our own moving company truck’s horn, but we know what you need for a smooth move.  That means new boxes, and we can help you guesstimate how many and what kind you need instead of overbuying or having too few.  We also can tell you how many pounds each box can withstand.

Use Our Box Delivery Service

Although you could pick up your boxes, do you have the time? Save the stress and time-suckage for more important moving matters by leaving the box delivery to us.  It’s convenient and smart.

Specially Designed for Moving

Moving boxes are specifically designed to endure the struggles that come with moving.  When you purchase new boxes from your moving company, they can carry the desired amount of items and allow enough space to easily label them.  Long-distance moves require stability and longevity, and if you purchase boxes through us, your fragile and valuable items will get extra protection with our double-walled boxes that last throughout the long journey.

No Stains, Water Damage, or Mystery Mold

Know what happens when you reuse boxes for moving? You bring along anything that comes with them including unidentifiable stains, water damage, and mysterious mold as well as undetectable insect eggs.  If you purchase new boxes, you avoid these destructive elements and won’t cringe, wondering what that scary stain is or if you’ll bring pests into your new home.   Besides that, the handholds on the sides of the boxes will be sturdy, and intact, and ensure that the movers will haul them into your home and not drop them.

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