While moving can be a thrilling experience, the idea of relocating can many times feel overwhelming and challenging. Moving is a process made of multiple choices: which house to rent, what day to move, what to do with your furniture and finally… how to make the move happen. Are you going to do it on your own or hire a moving company?

The decision of moving by yourself or hiring movers is one that certainly confuses many people: it involves time, money, planning, and flexibility. Sometimes it depends solely on your budget, as hiring moving services can get expensive, or if you simply have the strength to lift a couch and carry a mattress down the stairs. Other factors may include the distance moved, the complexity of the move, and if you have enough people to help you.

Many moving companies in New York can get the job done. But how to be sure that you’re making the right decision? To make your moving experience as stress-free as possible, FlatRate created a guide so you know the pros and cons of moving by yourself versus hiring an NYC moving company.

moving company Pros and Cons of Moving Yourself vs. Hiring a Moving Company in NYC

Moving It Yourself


Saving Money

It’s no secret that moving can get expensive. Loads of furniture, miles to travel, tolls to pay, and tipping movers can add up and result in a thousand-dollar journey. If you’re on a tight budget, moving everything yourself might be a good call depending on how far you’re traveling. If you’re going for local moving, the first step is considering how much the move would be if you rented a truck and gathered some friends to help. Keep in mind while the low cost of renting your truck might seem best, FlatRate’s all-inclusive guaranteed pricing and quality services will make your move process easier — it’s important to consider that sometimes paying a higher price is worth the convenience.

Control of Your Move

The best part about a DIY move is the flexibility that comes with the decision: you don’t depend on anyone and you can work on your schedule. You are in complete control of the moving process (which can also be tricky if you don’t have much experience) and you get to choose everything from the truck’s size to the date you’re leaving. Committing to a DIY move means being responsible for all the steps — packing and unpacking, loading, driving, and figuring out the woes that might happen on the way.

Packing However You Want

If you’re moving your inventory yourself, you don’t need to follow guidelines and worry about perfectly packing everything. When you hire a moving company, movers will expect that some of your items are already in boxes before their arrival. If you’re moving everything yourself, you don’t necessarily need to follow all the rules and obsess about how things are going to be packed and loaded in the truck.


Packing However You Want

The problem is: that packing is the essence of moving and packing well, makes all the difference. You might not know the tips and tricks and your stuff might not make it to your next destination if you pack it carelessly. FlatRate takes pride in knowing how to take care of your inventory and delivering high-quality packing services: we only use top-tier material, know that specific items need specialized treatment, and are ready to take the extra time to make sure your stuff is protected for your journey.

Heavy Lifting & Hurting Yourself

Moving requires strength and if you’re not physically prepared for it, then you’re better off hiring a moving company. Do-It-Yourself sounds like a great idea until you have to lift the heavy boxes. Maneuvering furniture down flights of stairs is not as easy as it seems. Have you ever pondered how to make your couch fit through the door? Even if you and your friends are strong enough, there are big chances that you could scratch up the walls, damage your furniture and in the worst-case scenario, hurt yourself.

Unexpected Problems

FlatRate has been moving people forward for decades. We know the ins and outs of moving and that you must always consider unforeseen circumstances. The weather might be bad. Your furniture might not fit through the door. even worse, the elevator might be broken. What happens if there’s a street fair and you don’t know another route? Without the assistance of professionals, you could waste hours of your day trying to fix these problems.

Hiring a Moving Company


Convenience & No Hard Work

The biggest pro of hiring a moving company will always be convenience. Moving is certainly much easier and stress-free when you don’t have to pack a box, lift a finger, or plan. Leave the logistics to our team of experts. Heavy lifting is best handled by movers. Focus on enjoying your new home while the job is being done for you.

Efficiency & Planning

When going for a long-distance move, hiring professionals will certainly lift a lot of stress off your shoulders. When you hire a moving company, they will assist you with every aspect of the move. Because FlatRate cares for our customer’s well-being, we make sure that everything is set. From the all-inclusive flat rate pricing to the furniture placement in your new home, you are covered. Planning and logistics are the essence of FlatRate’s service. You could be city moving or going cross-country and we would have all the details figured out for you.

Professional Packing

Packing is the heart of moving. Leave that stuff to the professionals and your inventory will have a safe arrival. After packing thousands of moves, we know that is safer if you leave items like TVs, lamps, pots & pans, mirrors, glass, and marble items under our supervision.


It Might Get Expensive

We get it, hiring a professional moving company can get pricey. It is important to consider everything that comes with this type of expense. You won’t lift a finger and nothing will be damaged in either your old or new home. You won’t have to worry about licenses and regulations. Most importantly, everything will be packed professionally and set up in your direction.