Seasoned homeowners realize they will endure a home inspection on the property they’re selling.  No matter how many upgrades you’ve made and how well they were done, though, a home inspection may bring up hidden home horrors — horrors that may require costly repairs or sabotage the sale.  Biting your nails and panicking won’t help.  What helps is scheduling a pre-inspection before putting your house on the market.  Find out why you should get a home inspection before you sell.

If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

How many times have you replaced something only to discover later that you fixed the wrong problem, and the issue lingers? With a home inspection by a highly qualified, knowledgeable professional who’s paid to inform you about what’s wrong, you’ll find out exactly what works in your house and what doesn’t.  Instead of wasting money installing a new heater that doesn’t need replacing, you can spend money wisely on the chimney that’s crumbling.

Time Enough to Plan

Repairs made when a pending sale is at stake don’t allow for time and consideration.  Basically, you won’t be able to interview different contractors and service technicians or find the best deal, says HGTV.  If fixing the old roof is contingent on the home sale, you may be on edge, hoping you hired a decent roofer, and the work is done on time and done right.  Without a figurative gun held to your head, you’ll choose the right professional at the right price with time to spare.

Save Your Money

Although thorough home inspections run a few hundred dollars, detailing structural damage and undetected leaks and dangers below the surface, it’s money well spent.  You can dole out money for the repairs as you see fit rather than a lump sum beyond your control.  Also, if you wait on repairs until selling, Zillow states that “the buyer will try to negotiate a lower price, which will cost you money” or seek funds for the repairs. Probably more than if you fixed the problems earlier in the game.

When to Sell and How Much

Once your home’s been inspected and passes or the work needed is completed, you can set up when to sell it.  With the house now market-ready, your agent can determine how much it’s valued and gauge a fair selling price.

Everybody Wants You

Get ready for your house to be the most popular on the block! From scheduling a pre-inspection and following the home inspector’s directives, your home is ready to sell.  Since you repaired and replaced anything that came up in the report, you not only raised the value of your home, but you made it attractive to more buyers simply because they do not have to worry about unexpected disruptions and expenses like mold issues or faulty pipes.  It also shows that you cared enough about your home and its integrity to maintain it and keep it up-to-date.  Plus you aren’t hiding anything about the house which will appeal to buyers and bring the focus to your home, making you stand out, says Zillow.  Reap your rewards once it sells, and contact us for your moving needs.