Before you choose a moving company to move with, it is important to understand what your price includes. Some moving companies may have hidden costs or fees that may come as a surprise. Some of these surprise expenses can be:

  • Parking Expenses
  • Toll Fees
  • Timing

In this article, we’ll explore these extra charges that some moving companies include but are not the case with FlatRate Moving.

Parking During A Move

During a move, finding parking in a large city or a small neighborhood can be very difficult, especially if you have a large moving truck. This can often be a time where moving companies charge extra for things such as parking tickets or the time spent searching for a parking spot. Both these parking inconveniences can add up quickly and be frustrating to see.

At FlatRate Moving, our team of experienced movers work with you to create a parking plan before your move date. This includes securing all the necessary parking permits, and understanding the parking situation beforehand so there are no issues. Our team is well-versed in navigating tricky parking, and with our early start times, you won’t have to worry.

Here is what we shared with Brick Underground Reporter: “The city doesn’t accommodate free parking for moving trucks, so there’s usually a charge associated with the moving company,” Reid says. “We as a company know how a city operates. When we go to a move, the probability of getting a parking ticket is almost 100 percent….as a company, FlatRate never charges clients for parking tickets.” 

Two flatrate moving trucks 300x200 The Hidden Costs of Moving: What Some Moving Companies Charge

Toll Fees

Tolls can be a common nuance during a move. This especially holds true if you’re moving across different cities or states. Many moving companies will pass these toll fees onto you without prior notice, which can add up significantly depending on how many you get. 

At FlatRate Moving, we believe in transparent pricing. With our all-inclusive flat rate price guarantee, toll fees are included in the originally quoted moving cost. 

While We Wait

Some moving companies use a pay by the hour system. This implies that time is money, and every minute spent during the move will be charged accordingly. With this pricing system, there’s not typically a price guarantee when you receive your original quote. Delays, loading and unloading, and any other unforeseen circumstances that add time to your move can become costly. 

At FlatRate moving we value your time, and we understand that delays can happen. Our all-inclusive flat rate price guarantees prices for your move based on complexity, inventory and distance. No matter how long your move may take, we are there until the work is done at no additional cost. 

The FlatRate Experience: Where Your Cost-Effective Move Awaits

Moving can be costly, but it doesn’t have to be filled with unexpected fees and hidden costs. When you move with FlatRate, you’re moving with a company that values transparency, efficiency and customer satisfaction. With our all-inclusive pricing system, clear communication, experienced movers and more, you can enjoy a stress-free moving experience without worrying about surprise fees or hidden costs. 

FlatRate movers posing in front of moving trucks 300x200 The Hidden Costs of Moving: What Some Moving Companies Charge