For some, there is nothing to consider when scheduling their move. They have only one day off, and no children to schedule around. However, most people go back and forth with dates, trying to pick the best day and time to start planning everything. If this sounds like you, and you have options then there are a few things you should consider before confirming a day.


If you are trying to pull off your move by spending the least amount of money possible then you will want to schedule on a slow day. As a rule, weekends are busy and therefore come with higher rates. This applies to days around the 1st and 15th of the month when a lot of people get paid. Also, if you have the option, plan your move during the off-peak season of September through mid-May. This is when movers are least busy and willing to give the best deal.

Time of Day

Most people like to start a move first thing in the morning. This way, by the time the truck is loaded, rush hour traffic is already done. This does not mean morning may be ideal for you. If the bus stop for all the children in the neighborhood is in front of your house you probably do not want a truck scheduled until after the kids are gone. If you are moving into a loft above a restaurant that gets shipments from several vendors on Friday morning, then blocking their entry with a moving truck will not be a good idea. The time of day should definitely play a role in your decision when scheduling a move

Size of Your Move

A small studio apartment can be scheduled just about any time. if you have a four-bedroom home with a trampoline, pool, and hot tub then the moving company may require you to get started bright and early because there will be so much to do.

Day Off

Are you trying to plan your move on your day off, or can you take a personal day, if it means getting a better rate during the middle of the week? Will you have the entire day, or do you need to move in the morning, so you can be at work for the afternoon shift?

Schedule of Help

If you have friends and/or family helping with the move you will need to consider their schedule. Maybe your friend can only help unpack after 2 pm, so you are not really in a rush to get done early in the morning. However, if your sister has yoga Saturday at noon, she might only be able to babysit the kids early in the morning or in the afternoon.

School Schedule

Do you prefer to move while your kids are home with you? This may depend on their age and if they are switching schools. Young kids can get in the way and get hurt, so you are often better to plan the move while they are in school and arrange for someone to pick them up if you are still tied up. If they are not happy about switching schools, there is no reason for them to be there for the move. It will just be easier on them.

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