Is it the wilds of Wyoming calling or the big waves of California? Whether you’re relocating to be closer to friends and family, pursue your dream job, or take a break from city living, moving to another state is exciting. However, packing up and moving your belongings to another part of the country might feel overwhelming at first, but if you use these tips, you’ll manage your stress, stick to your moving budget, and stay organized.
Working with a reliable moving company is an essential way to alleviate anxiety about “big moves.”

If you’re moving to another state to be closer to family…

Being close to family and old friends is comforting when times get tough. After living far away, you might want to see your parents and siblings more often than on holidays. Or, it could be another issue that brings you back to your hometown, such as caring for an older relative or inheriting a house.
If you’re planning on moving back to your home state, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of that decision and make sure you’re fully prepared to relocate and readjust to a different way of life. On the positive side, in recent years, some states, such as Vermont have actually offered incentive packages to entice people to move to them.

If you’re moving to another state for more space…

Apartment dwellers in New York City are known for doing a lot with small spaces. Some have figured out ways to make a 350-square-foot space feel downright roomy. However, if you’ve reached the point where you want to be closer to ski slopes and actually have a garage to store your gear, it might be time to consider a place with decent square footage.
But bigger homes also require a bit more work, when it comes to furnishing. Before moving in, you might want to consult with an interior designer to figure out how you’ll decorate the new place to determine what you have and what you’ll need.

If you’re moving to another state with kids…

Moves are especially big changes for kids. Involve your child in the process and talk with them about starting a new school, discovering a new neighborhood, and making new friends. For young kids, read stories about the new state you’re moving to and the exciting new things they might see, such as historic landmarks and local animals.
To make the transition as easy as possible for your kids, research, and reach out to local schools as soon as you find out you’ll be moving. Schools could have waiting lists or there might be activities, such as team sports that require pre-enrollment.
It’s also important to visit your pediatrician to discuss any concerns and identify a new doctor before you move to another state.

On the practical side, moving to another state is an opportunity to have your child go through toys and old clothes they have outgrown to donate to a local charity. This important lesson in “cleaning their room” will come in handy later in life.

If you’re moving to another state with pets…

Bringing Fido along on your long-distance move? Pets have a lot of possessions, from toys to beds to bowls, however, there’s a good chance you don’t need every chewed-up tennis ball. Keep the objects that remind your pet of home and toss or donate items that are not being used.
Before you move to another state, visit your vet to discuss your relocation and ask for any recommendations for local vet practices. Make sure you have a way of obtaining your pet’s files and any medications. It’s important to have a veterinarian before you move to your new state.

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If you’re moving to another state for work…

Perhaps your entire interview process has happened remotely, however, before finalizing your onboarding, if you have any hesitations or have never been to the state before, try to visit at least once to make sure it’s the right place for you.
Work with your employer to determine what relocation costs they will cover and choose a realistic start date so that you are able to begin your new job a few days after you’ve settled into your new place ideally.

If you’re moving to another state for love…

It’s super-romantic to move to another state for a relationship, but before you make the final move, it’s essential to make sure you’re both comfortable with whether you’ll be living together or apart. It’s also a good idea to begin applying for jobs—or even have a job lined up—before the move.
Once you’ve made the final decision to move to another state, discuss with your partner what furniture you’ll be bringing and other items. Depending on the size of your new abode, you might even consider moving some of your possessions into storage. Any move is the perfect time to declutter.

Check List Before Moving to Another State:

  1. Look into your health insurance options. When you move states, you’ll need a new plan.
  2. Check to see if your bank has local branches in the new state. If not, determine how you will manage your finances. Online banking makes it easy to bank remotely across the country and around the world, however, ATM fees add up, so having a local bank is always advisable.
  3. Update your billing info and change of address for services, such as your smartphone or credit card. While you manage most bills online, some companies still mail paper letters and updates.
  4. Make sure to cancel essential services, such as internet and electricity, you will no longer be required to avoid getting overcharged.
  5. Visit the websites of your current and new state’s DMV to determine what you’ll need for getting a local driver’s license and new plates.
  6. Research any specialists or doctors you visit regularly, such as dermatologists and dentists. Ask your current practitioners for recommendations.
  7. Start purging items you no longer use or need either before you start packing or as you go depending on your timeline.
  8. Think seasonally. Make sure you know which boxes have the clothing and items you’ll need to unpack immediately.
  9. Use FlatRate’s step-by-step tips for packing and organizing your boxes.