Relocation is a real thing for many couples and families, but it’s not always a favored decision. It could cause rifts in relationships if you don’t handle the situation delicately.  Although compromise should be the answer to resolving conflicts, it’s easier said than done.  So what do you do when the promise of relocation interrupts the flow of happy family life and couplehood? Discover what to do when only one family member wants to move.

What’s Your Hurry?

Moving may appeal to you, but are you viewing the relocation with rose-colored glasses or taking everything into account? Along with being one of the most stressful events in one’s life, there are many factors to consider and changes you must make.  Look into your heart and evaluate the pros and cons before contacting a moving company.  If it’s a job you just cannot pass up, it could be worth the stress and planning. However, if it’s just a whim, put your feet on the ground and reconsider even if nothing changes.

Plead Your Case

When convincing your partner or your family about moving, you must state your case in person with plenty of details and assurances.  Start by being calm and not harassing the other person about why they won’t move.  Describe the job you’d like to take or the area where you’d like to move. Then, inform them why they’re good opportunities for you as a family or couple.  Give them the chance to weigh what you say and see if maybe they should give it more thought. The Muse urges you not to bring other people’s opinions into it like parents, co-workers, and close friends. The only time this is appropriate is to offer positive yet objective feedback from people you know who already reside in the area you’re considering.

Put Yourself in the Other’s Shoes

In understanding the other side, listen to what your spouse and other family members have to say about the move including their fears and misery over leaving a place they love or have lived in for a long time.  Don’t speak until they’ve pled their case. Even if they change their mind and want to move, they still must find a job, new friends, a new home, amenities, and services they want and need.  They also must search for a new house, start packing up their possessions, and hire a reputable moving company.  For everyone involved, moving brings even more pressure and responsibilities than you expect, let them know they have your support and encouragement.

Make Joint Decisions Together

As a couple and family, you’re in this life together, so every decision you make must be done together about the unit and not just the individual.  Whatever is decided – if you remain where you are or plan to dive in and move — ensure that both parties are content with the decision and no significant resentment lingers.  Visit the prospective area you’re interested in if your spouse and/or family are still unsure and take preliminary trips there or rent a temporary residence to try it out, says International Living.  If local or long-distance moving is on the plate, review your finances and create a budget. Then hire a moving company that offers plenty of options in several different price ranges.