As you prepare to send all of your belongings off on a moving truck, you’re imagining how great it will feel to watch the last box go out the door. Time to get in the car or head for the plane and go, right? Do you have your moving essentials bag prepared?

The last thing you want is to get caught without something important on moving day, only to realize you accidentally sent it on the truck. So we’ve laid out a moving essentials checklist to help ensure that you’ve packed everything you need. Have a look!

Your Moving Essentials Checklist

Keys, wallet, identification

Yes, this may seem obvious. But if we know anything about human nature, it’s that we always seem to forget the most obvious things! So keep track of these by stashing them in your moving essentials bag, or keep your purse close to the bag. That way when boxes start heading out the door, your crucial items stay together.

Important paperwork

Designate a safe spot in your moving essentials for paperwork. This includes forms for your movers, your certificate of insurance, and any personal information like passports, birth certificates, marriage documents, or paperwork containing legal or banking information. Keep these documents in a separate folder or manila envelope, unlike other home documents that might go on the truck.

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Electronics and chargers

Your phone, tablet, laptop, and your chargers should all be organized and stashed in your moving essentials bag. Consider using ziplock bags to keep cords from becoming tangled or getting damaged with all the other items in your bag.


Whether prescription or OTC, any medications that you take on a regular basis should travel with you. Keep the whole bottle or box with you rather than pack just a few doses in a pillbox.

Contact information and addresses

On the off chance that your phone runs out of battery, make sure you have important addresses and contact information written down and stashed in your bag. This includes your old and new landlord, your movers, your old and new utility companies, and a couple of emergency contacts.

Change of clothes

If your move will take a day or less, you may only need to bring one change of clothes: your pajamas! At the end of a full day of moving house, you won’t want to go digging through your clothing boxes to find something comfortable. So we’re including “comfy clothes” on your moving essentials checklist.

If your move will take multiple days because you’re, say, moving out of state, pack a couple of changes of clothing that are simple and suitable for travel. If you’ll need different types of footwear (moving shoes and shoes for stopping at a restaurant, for example), store your extra shoes in a plastic bag to prevent getting your other items dirty.

Items youll need on move in day Your Moving Essentials Checklist: Items youll need on move day

Basic toiletries

Again — at the end of your moving day, you’ll really want to be able to brush your teeth and get to bed. Whether you’ll be landing at a hotel or in your new home, stash your toothbrush and other basic items in a travel case in your moving essentials bag. Include some basic cleaning supplies, like a container of disinfecting wipes so you can give your new home a quick once-over. Keep it simple — you don’t need your essentials bag to get out of hand!

Small toolkit

Once you start unpacking and organizing, you might find little things that need adjusting, measuring, or otherwise sorting. You’ll also need to open up all of those well-taped boxes so you can unpack! Pack a small kit with scissors, a screwdriver, measuring tape, and an adjustable wrench. Tighten up a few screws, make sure your furniture will fit where you want it, and easily start settling in.

A kids’ moving essentials bag

Many of the same items apply when packing a moving bag for kids, but there’s one more important addition: toys! No matter how young or old your kids might be, they will need things to keep them entertained. Pack their favorite stuffed animal or blanket to keep them feeling safe, then include some things that will keep them stimulated while you travel. Pack kid-friendly snacks and a water bottle or sippy cup, diapers and changing materials if you need them, and some extra clothes.

A well-packed moving essentials bag can make the difference between an uncomfortable moving day and a smooth, stress-free experience. Make sure you and your family have everything you need, right at hand! Then let our professional movers take care of everything else. Get a flat rate quote and get moving!