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Elite Moving’s Luxury Storage Solutions

Elevate your storage experience with Elite Moving. Our state-of-the-art storage facilities and our exceptional white glove movers will ensure your belongings are wrapped, packed and safeguarded during their stay. With our array of storage units from all sizes, to our short and long-term stays, our commitment to excellence does not waver. Enjoy climate controlled storage units that are cleaned daily and monitored 24/7.

Advantages of using FlatRate Elite

With FlatRate Elite, your moving and storage experience will reach new heights. Our luxury services are curated precisely to meet your exact needs, with the flexibility to change at your convenience. From moving locations, to storing your belongings, you’ll enjoy the convenience of complete control with 24/7 assistance so your move is exquisite.

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Elite Storage Services

There are many reasons why Elite Storage elevates any luxury moving experience. From photo inventory management, barcode and tagging, to single item retrieval.

Flatrate security personnel monitoring storage facility cameras for enhanced security.
Photo Inventory

Photo Inventory Management

When you move with Elite, you get complete control over your belongings. Our photo inventory documents your move completely, so you’re always aware of what you have and where it is. Easily request items to be taken in or out of storage with our user-friendly inventory list.

Elite mover taking care of inventory

Barcode and Tagging

Each item you store with us is individually bar-coded and tagged. This ensures your belongings are always accounted for and allows for efficient tracking and retrieval when needed.

Elite white glove movers packing and taping moving boxes to prepare them for transport.

Receiving, Inspecting and Photographing

When we receive your belongings, every item is inspected, photographed and documented. This creates a comprehensive record of your belongings and verifies the condition before and after storage.

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Short Notice and Same-day Delivery

Elite Moving storage offers flexible delivery options, including short notice and same day delivery of your belongings. Get your items out of storage when you need them.

Carpentry Services in our Bronx facility

Carpentry & Installation Services

Elite goes beyond standard offerings with our carpentry service. Our skilled carpenters can build custom crates to the exact dimensions of your valuable items, ensuring the safe transportation and storage of any valuable or fragile item. Plus, our team is ready to assist with installation, whether it’s setting up furniture or arranging your belongings. Experience excellence in every aspect of your move with Elite.

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Climate Controlled Storage Rooms

Each storage unit is equipped with climate control technology. This helps maintain optimal storage conditions, ensuring your belongings are safeguarded from temperature and humidity fluctuations.

Man moving a fine painting

High-value Art Storage & Viewing Room

For clients who wish to personally inspect their stored items, we offer a dedicated viewing room where you may schedule a visit to check on your belongings at your convenience. Our storage facilities are gallery standard, meaning they are designed to meet the unique requirements of storing and preserving fine art.