Why moving with Local Movers provides the best experience

It is no secret that to have the best move you should work with a local moving company. Why? Local movers know the area the best and can plan your move with no surprises. They know the streets, buildings, & regulations. But also local moving companies will be the most committed. As they also live in your neighborhood they are the moving company that will be most invested in your move. Our advantage at FlatRate is that over the years we have been able to expand our presence with local offices. We're now able to offer our flat rate pricing & excellent local moving services to people across the world. And best of all you can enjoy our professionally trained FlatRate movers on the pick up and delivery of your next move.
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FlatRate & NYC. Moving Everyday, Morning & Night.

NYC's Top Local Moving Company

Just like the City we call home, FlatRate is always on the move. NYC is known for being a 24/7 city, operating on time, no matter the circumstances. FlatRate moving is one and the same. It’s how we became NYC’s top moving company. We learned to navigate & solve moving challenges no matter the date or location, every day of the year. From street fairs to street closures, from protests to UN summits, we still complete the move – and we’ll even move the diplomats in the process. It’s why we are NYC’s Best Moving Company

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Uptown, Downtown, East Side, West Side.
We know New York.

Manhattan Movers of Choice

FlatRate was founded in Manhattan in the 90’s. It is the borough we call home. Though it can be the most complex area of NYC, our Manhattan Movers are moving experts. We know how to navigate every corner of Manhattan. The narrow streets of Chinatown or the Lower East Side, the luxury buildings in Tribeca, Building Management companies in the Upper East Side, the parking in Midtown, our movers and relocation consultants have solutions. What can seem like a headache to you, We have the knowledge and experience on a daily basis where we will make it simple and stress free.

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From Williamsburg to Park Slope, FlatRate is moving Brooklyn

Best Brooklyn Moving Company

We know Brooklyn. FlatRate has moved more New Yorkers to Brooklyn than any other moving company over the past 20 years. As Williamsburg, DUMBO, Brooklyn Heights & Park Slope have become hot destinations for New Yorkers and known around the world, FlatRate has a been part of the scene. As we are Brooklyn’s moving specialist, we know the ins and outs of NYC’s new favorite destination. Moving artists to Dumbo & Williamsburg, or navigating the blocks of Park Slope & Brooklyn Heights, we can move you safely, on time, with no surprises.

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Moving to LIC, Astoria, or Forest Hills?

We love moving in Queens

To avoid your move taking longer than necessary, you should choose a local moving company that knows how to navigate the unique neighborhood challenges. FlatRate Moving is one of the best professional movers in NYC when it comes to moving in Queens. We are an expert at moving in each neighborhood. From the pre-war buildings in Astoria with narrow stair cases, to using the elevators in new high rise buildings in Long Island City, our movers will be fast & safe. It is how we became the best moving company in Queens.

FlatRate Movers – All Furniture Is Double Wrapped For All Long-Distance and Storage Moves
FlatRate Movers – Professionally Trained Movers
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FlatRate Movers - Your Furniture Is Professionally Wrapped For Protection

FlatRate goes around the world

Around the globe

FlatRate now operates nine branches located in major cities throughout the US, locations in London and Singapore, and has an additional 160 representatives in destinations around the world. Whether your move requires FlatRate USA or FlatRate International, our unique global presence has you covered.
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Los Angeles Local Movers

Moving from NYC to LA?

One of the most popular moves is from NYC to LA. For New Yorkers looking to move west or those in LA coming east, FlatRate can give you the best moving service. With our LA local Office, we are able to guarantee you quality service on both the pick up and delivery. It’s how we ensure your items will arrive on time and safely. Though with FlatRate safety is first, our best service is our express weekly shuttles. It is the fastest way to move from NYC to LA in the industry.

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San Francisco's Top Moving Company

Moving to SF?

Having completed over 100,000 moves across the globe, we have seen it all. At FlatRate, complexity is not a problem when it comes to your move. And that’s important when you are moving in San Francisco or NYC, as the two cities are the most challenging for moving. Narrow streets, high rise buildings, crowded areas, it’s a must that you work with a moving company who has teams on the ground that are familiar with the landscape.


Our 20+ years of experience have given us plenty of expertise in packing. Moving efficiency isn’t just about getting old boxes from the grocery store or buying cheap boxes on Amazon. A good move starts with boxes matched to your possessions.
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Florida's Best Moving Copmany

Orlando & Miami Movers

The other popular destination for New Yorkers is Florida. And FlatRate is ready to move you there. With local offices in Orlando & Miami we have movers who know Florida and can get you safely to your new home. And as fast & efficiently as possible. Call today to find out about our express shuttles between NYC to Miami. It is the fastest in the industry from pickup to delivery

Reviews Handbook

We put honesty and quality service into every move, every time. This philosophy has helped us garner some of the best online reviews of any licensed moving company, not just in NYC, but around the world.
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5 stars

Over 20,000 moves completed this year

Our latest Reviews

"Our packers and movers at FlatRate – David, Omar, Rosa, Franklyn and Mohamad – were AMAZING. I told David Lloyd, our move rep, how great they were, too. We love FlatRate. We love their vibe. We love their fee structure. We love their service." - Louis V.

"This is the 2nd time I've used FlatRate to move, the first was from Florida, this was a local move in New York City. They were on time, worked quickly, asked me questions when needed, and respected my belongings. In the old apartment and my new apartment they protected the walls and the floor and all were very kind throughout the process. And the price I was quoted is what I paid, no hidden fees. I will continue to use FlatRate for all of my moving needs and suggest you do too!" - Tammy W.

"FlatRate was professional from start to finish. Super helpful on the phone (especially since I had to change my move date b/c the building I moved into didn't allow deliveries on Good Friday). The movers were efficient, professional, and very nice people. 100% recommend. It's worth it to pay a flat fee and not have to worry about going overtime." - Laura Jo S.

"Moving from London to San Francisco was looking to be a nightmare, then we met Anastasia at FlatRate, She is amazing, and was so helpful. We are thrilled with the great customer service and value for money we have gotten from FlatRate. The whole experience has been pain free!! Thank you FlatRate!" - David F.

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Quick move time
4.5 stars
Price accuracy
5 stars
Moving service
4.5 stars
5 stars

Over 20,000 moves completed this year