Are you contemplating whether or not you should pop the question? Not that question- the other question… Moving in with your significant other is a big deal so naturally, it may give some people the shakes. Aside from the fact that you like each other and your apartment has become just a storage closet because you wind up spending every night together, check out these 5 signs you’re really o take that next step with your S.O.

1. You have discussed finances and you are not just considering moving in for convenience

Some couples rush to move in together without discussing finances– are you going dutch on all living expenses, is one party responsible for utilities while the other party will take care of groceries and household items? These questions are super important to discuss prior before in with your significant other because arguments over money are never pretty and it’s better to tackle those hard questions sooner rather than later. On that note, people sometimes decide to move in together solely for convenience. Your lease is up and it would be easy to just move your things into his or her place but there are several logistical things to discuss and think about before making such a rash decision.

2. You have vacationed together and survived

A week-long vacation with your significant other puts the both of you in a situation where you’re able to assess important facts. Are you able to make decisions together and compromise? How do you react to unforeseen changes in plans or unplanned expenses? Spending a week together on an island may not be the best gauge of how living together will be, but it will give you a good idea of the type of people you are in specific situations.

3. You have had a big fight and are still together

Couples fight all the time but strong relationships should be able to recover from these spats. If you’ve had a few big fights and just avoided each other then swept the issues under the rug that you’re not ready to move in. Furthermore, if you fight with your S.O. and your first instinct is to hop on Twitter or Facebook and air out all your relationship’s dirty laundry in passive-aggressive status updates, then you should not consider moving in. However, if you’ve had arguments with your significant other and have found ways to work the situation out and communicate your feelings while compromising with your beau or belle, then you’re probably ready to take the big step and move in together. Remember: while living together, it is inevitable for arguments/disagreements to happen, but the real measure of your character will be the outcome of these situations– plus, you won’t be able to run away from your issues when he or she is sharing the same 750 sq. ft. studio apartment as you…

4. You have discussed the future

It’s important to know before you move in together where your relationship is going. If he isn’t down to get married but you plan to move in hopes of securing an engagement ring, you two need to take it slow and talk about what the future holds. If you’ve already talked things out and you know you have similar life goals and expectations from one another, then you’re probably ready to take the next step and move in.

5. You are OK with the gross things that come along with moving in with him or her

There are a lot of compromises and discussions that should happen before moving in but some things are a bit less expected. Living together will not always be a pretty sight. You’ll see your partner at their worst and their best– morning breath, hair everywhere, body odors, Hollywood showers, etc. If you’re grossed out about specific things, discuss those preferences with your partner before making the big move and if you can’t handle it, you probably can’t handle cohabitation.

All in all, it takes a lot of guts to pop the question and ask your S.O. to move in with you. Keep in mind that moving is a life changing event and even small moves should be positive and celebrated.

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