Are you at a place in your relationship where you think you should move in together, but you aren’t quite sure if you are ready? Many people focus so much on looking for reasons why it may not be a good idea that they miss the obvious signs that it will likely be a positive experience. If these points apply to you then maybe it is time to take your relationship to the next level.

Half Your Wardrobe is Already There

If you have already managed to take over half the closet and a few dresser drawers, and you have clothes piled on a chair, then maybe it is time to move in together. With this many clothes there, chances are good you are already spending a significant amount of time together. Not to mention, someone giving up closet space is a pretty big deal. If you can agree on this you can probably work out who will be responsible for the movers’ costs.

You’ve Made it Through a Major Argument

If you and your partner have not had one serious argument yet, you are probably not ready. You could be saying that you are just perfectly compatible, but is this true? Or, is someone bending a little too much to make the other person happy? If so, this will eventually get old. Experts suggest that an occasional argument can make your relationship stronger. Two people are not always going to agree on everything, but you don’t want your first fight to be over who is paying the bill for the moving costs. This would make for a very unsettling start to your new journey together.

You Don’t Argue Over Money 

Speaking of moving costs, if you have arguments over money, you are not ready. Financial arguments are the number one cause of divorce. The two of you are not getting married yet, but if you are already having arguments over money, this is not a good sign. If you both feel you can talk freely about money, and this is not a topic that causes tension, then you are probably ready to move in together

You Have Spent the Holidays Together

Spending the holidays together is a pretty big deal, especially if families are involved. Now, this does not mean you are not ready if you haven’t met one another’s family though. This just means if you can deal with their crazy aunt, and they managed to not lose it with a dozen kids running around at your family’s get-together, then you have a good shot at making it work. The holidays tend to bring out the scrooge in some people, simply because of all the added stress. It can be a challenging time to get through.

You’ve Vacationed Together

It does not matter if you have gone away camping for a weekend or escaped to a tropical destination; if you didn’t want to pull your hair out after being around that person round the clock, this is a good sign to move in together.

Final Thoughts

Moving in together can be a wonderful experience if you are both ready. Make sure that you both want this because if one person is being pressured it probably won’t work. Iron out all the details ahead of time, including who will pay for the moving costs, specific bills, rent, groceries, etc., so you both are comfortable with the expectations.