Unfortunately, marriages end more often than we’d like to hear which means one or both spouses will move out of their once shared home.  Splitting up furniture and other belongings while starting divorce proceedings takes a toll on even the most independent, strong soul.  Lots of changes and decisions must be made from where to live to what moving services you’ll need, so we’re here to help you figure things out when relocating while divorcing.

Take It Slow

Give yourself a break when you’re going through a zillion different, difficult emotions.  Don’t take it out on your body by doing too much at once.  When making important decisions, let your head guide you, not the heart that needs healing.  Sticking to routines and keeping things as normal as possible will help comfort you while acclimating to new circumstances.

Talk to Your Kids

It’s hard to remain positive, but do it for your kids who may not understand or have the tools to cope.  While making the conversation age-appropriate, explain what is happening and help them adjust to their new living arrangements whether they stay in their current home or move elsewhere.  Huffington Post reminds you that you must check state laws about custody arrangements and relocation rules which may dictate where you can move.

Decide on a Homestead

Where everyone will live will be on your mind.  Decide who will stay, who will go, or if you want to place the home on the market and split the profits. Whoever decides to stay should examine their finances to see if it’s feasible to remain there.  Remember that if you are both on the mortgage if the person paying the mortgage defaults on payments, you’re both liable, and it could affect your credit even if you no longer reside there.  Ensure you keep things fair and put everything in writing.

Split Up Stuff

Although it’s painful, sort through your joint belongings and split them up.  While dividing them up, donate or throw away anything you no longer need.  Use sense and don’t tighten your grasp on something just because you want to get back at your ex-spouse.

Hire a Moving Company

Who needs the extra stress of moving when you’re emotionally distressed and overwhelmed? Find a moving company that will work with your new budget and offers a variety of moving services like FlatRate Moving, so you can put painful days behind you and start your new life.  We can pack everything up for you or provide you with the supplies and guide you in this trying time.  Enlist family and friends for extra support, too.

Use Storage

When you start decluttering, you may realize you won’t have room for some of your furniture in your new home if you downsized or are moving to a temporary residence.  Take advantage of our storage options and see what arrangement works for you.

Create Lists and a Budget

A new lifestyle means creating a new budget to accommodate your family and finances.  Before creating it, review your credit report, says Fox Business, and restructure anything that isn’t working in your favor.  To maximize the ease of your move, use organizational tools and lists to streamline the process and keep your mind occupied.

Make Room for Adjustments

Don’t deny that an adjustment period will accompany this difficult time.  Allow yourself time to mourn your marriage and vent your anger without hurting anyone.  Realize that everyone involved is feeling distraught by the changes.  Communicate with your family and friends who will help you feel less alone.