One of the most exciting steps in any relationship is deciding to move in with your significant other, but it also comes with some stress. There are logistics to sort through and personalities may clash; there may be fights along the way. Once you do find a home, it should fit both of your lifestyles and each person should feel happy with the choice.

Comprising is key so as you start apartment hunting, keep these tips for picking the perfect place in mind:

What Locations Are Most Important to You?

You and your significant other may have different opinions about exactly where you want to live. People often choose to settle near work, family, friends, or school. Do you work on two entirely opposite ends of the city? Are all of your friends in one area but his or hers are in another? Consider these problem-solving strategies to meet in the middle:

  • Write out your neighborhood priorities and compare your lists. Once you have the priorities in order, you can look for areas of the city that fit the requirements that matter most to both of you.
  • Make a case for your location. If you feel strongly about a particular location, you need to have a good reason that you can share with your partner. Be prepared to listen if the situation is reversed.
  • Be ready to compromise. If you care most about proximity to family and your significant other wants to live near his or her office, break out the map (or Google maps) and check out areas that are literally in the middle of both locations.

Pay Attention to the Finances

One of the most important conversations to have before you even see an apartment is to discuss your finances. Set a budget so you will be able to afford the unit you ultimately choose and keep that number in mind each time you step into a potential home. You don’t want to fall in love with an apartment, only to discover that neither of you is willing to fork over more money that you may not have every month.

Prioritize the Amenities

The entire apartment search with a partner is about compromise; so if an apartment is missing key amenities that are on your must-have list but your significant other is in love with the place, be sure to speak up. Not every apartment is going to be close to public transportation and have a beautiful view and high ceilings, so use that list of priorities to decide what sacrifices and compromises you’re both willing to make.

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