When vacating your residence on moving day, you should leave the home “broom-clean”.  What this loosely means is sweeping up and leaving no trash behind after the movers empty the home.  Although some people claim this type of cleaning isn’t necessary, it’s a sign of respect and courtesy.  Leaving it dirty could jeopardize the sale or cause the buyers to ask for cleaning funds or the landlord to refuse to return the security deposit.  So start packing up your cleaning supplies and find out why you should hire a cleaning company to do the dirty work when you move.

Not Enough Time

Realistically, who has the time or desire to clean before a move? Unless you find cleaning therapeutic and can do it quickly, you’re better off hiring someone else.  Cleaning the house and corralling children simultaneously could overwhelm you during the moving day chaos.  If you’re long-distance moving, you may be already gone and not able to clean.

Alleviate Your Stress

When you’re overextended as it is from the move, the added stress of cleaning could cause a cold sweat.  Give yourself a break and delegate the work to a cleaning company while you rest and grab a bite to eat before the moving company arrives.  Removing at least one source of stress from a stressful day is worth it.

Health Gets in the Way

If you’re physically disabled, in poor health, or suffer from a chronic condition, you may currently employ a housekeeper.  If not, now’s the time to treat yourself.  The same goes for pregnant women – your body is compromised from growing your baby, especially if you’re close to giving birth or considered high-risk.  Don’t be Superwoman – let the movers and cleaning company do the hard labor.

Choose Your Cleaners

Whether you hire an independent cleaner or corporate service (check out the differences between them on Angie’s List is up to you regarding price, versatility and availability.  If you’re concerned about toxic chemicals being used, ask if the cleaning supplies used are organic and/or safe for the environment.  Before you schedule moving services, hire a carpet cleaner to freshen up carpets.

Professional and Efficient

Two things that professional cleaners have over average people are experience and expertise.  Most cleaning companies train their employees to clean a certain way in order to maintain efficiency and speed.  Since they regularly clean and perform jobs like this, they know what to clean, what to ignore, and what products and tricks of the trade to use.

They’re Covered

What will you do if you break something in the house you’re trying to sell during clean-up? Don’t even take the chance – hire a professional cleaning company who is covered for instances like this and also if items are stolen from the premises with liability insurance.  If you hire a company to clean, ensure they’re licensed and bonded, and you sign a contract, so that you don’t have to worry about unexpected mishaps, recommends Angie’s List.