moving off truck small 11 Professionals to Hire Beyond Your Moving Company

When you start considering moving, you’re probably not thinking about who you need to help you beyond obvious professionals like a real estate agent and the moving company.  The closer it comes to your closing and moving days, you’ll realize that it takes more than your agent and the movers to smooth over and speed up the moving process.  Meet the people in your professional neighborhood who will help you get to your next house.

Home Inspector

You’ll need a home inspector, so locate a good one through your agent or word-of-mouth.  A knowledgeable home inspector can really help point out the weaknesses and strengths found in your home and what project to tackle first.


Although many people choose to paint rooms themselves, it’s worth the money for a professional job if it saves you time and effort.  Paint always improves a drab-looking room’s personality to a brand new one.  Schedule this job prior to the movers arriving with your furniture.


Faulty wiring fixed, fans and lighting installed and replaced, garage door openers upgraded – these are just a few of the jobs an electrician can do for you and may be required to do to sell your current house.  Most people are not experienced enough to attempt these projects nor do they have the time.


If you move into an older home, you may need a new water heater installed or serviced.  You may also move in with working toilets and washing machines to find that a belt breaks or a valve need adjusting. You need to know a good plumber to call.

Power Washer

First impressions make a difference, so enlist a power washing company to clean your old or new home to wow prospective buyers or your housewarming party guests.

Landscaper/Tree Cutter

A tree could loom dangerously close to your new roof or maybe the bushes need pruning.  If you’re incredibly busy with work and family, it’s wise to hire a landscaper who can keep your property neat, clean, and free from neighborhood gossip.

 Cleaning Service

Mostly optional, cleaning services can thoroughly prepare your new home for a fresh start or prepare your old one for the closing day walk-through.


After the moving company delivers your belongings, you may wonder if you want to keep the color scheme and design intact or change it to fit what furniture and accouterment you brought. Albeit optional, a decorator can help you with your vision.


Every homeowner should acquaint themselves with an affordable, skilled handyman.  You never know when minor repairs will be needed around your house, and if you don’t have the time or know-how, a handyman’s number should be logged in to your phone.  Also, contact our moving company specialists for information about our electronics installation services.

Mold Remediation Specialist

Unfortunately, you may require the services of a mold remediation specialist if you have an older home or experienced water damage or excessive condensation in your household. Don’t fret yet — some mold problems are minor and cost a nominal amount to treat.


No house is free from pests. Depending on when you move in, you may not detect them until another season. Preemptive treatments may help but keep an exterminator on call for unexpected visitors.

So who else should you hire beyond moving company professionals?