Although your moving company should guarantee that your furniture and household items arrive without delays, circumstances beyond their control can happen.  Even with the most reliable moving company and confirming each moving detail with them, some delays just cannot be prevented.  Not all delays are their fault, either, but you still must know the most common ones.  While you wait for your moving van to show up, read our moving blog about delays and tips on how to deal with them.

Sorry, Wrong Address

Now, this may seem silly, but did you ensure you gave the movers the correct addresses? Although this seems like a given, you must confirm the addresses you offered with the movers before moving.  If either your old or new address contains a tricky turn or unmarked road, tell them beforehand.  GPS can steer you in the wrong direction and maps change with the landscape.

Traffic Jams

Every day in busy metropolises around the country, traffic jams occur.  Construction work, bottlenecking, rubbernecking, traffic stops, and unforeseen accidents – even community events — litter the roadways.  No matter the time the moving van leaves, a snafu on the road may gum up the promised smooth ride.  If you’re a driver, you know how frustrating traffic can be.  Expect if you live in a high-traffic area that there may be delays.  Schedule your move at a less busy time than the weekend or a different time of year.

Accident or Breakdown

Not discussing possible accidents or breakdowns will not prevent either from happening.  The fact the facts and realize with daily wear and tear that moving trucks can break down or get involved in an accident.  Before hiring the moving company, ask them how often the vehicles are serviced, how old they are and the drivers’ experience and expertise.  It may not prevent an incident, but here’s hoping.

Too Many Moves

Movers are a busy bunch, especially when the weather is good.  Your truck may arrive late due to the company overextending itself with multiple moves. The Better Business Bureau states that the moving company must alert you if they will arrive late.  Some companies, depending on their policies and the circumstances, may honor delays by recouping money lost, but don’t count on it.  “Mover(s) [are] under no contractual obligation to compensate you for delays”.

No Show Staff

What if the moving crew doesn’t show up or they don’t bring enough staff?  This nightmare could be averted by asking the moving company representative what kind of staff they use – temporary workers or full-time employees.  Only use a licensed company that is covered by liability insurance, so this is less likely to occur.

Moving Truck Mix-Up

Most likely, if a large 18-wheeler was used to transport your belongings, your boxes were not alone.  For long-distance moves, many moving companies pack a large truck with multiple moves and then distribute it on the way.  If the wrong truck shows up at your door, you may experience delivery delays in receiving your things.  Or your scheduled delivery time may be pushed back if there were delays with other customers.

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