An unlikely entry for the most dangerous job is being a mover.  Movers risk life and limb when transporting your furniture and household items.  If you plan to help move your belongings to your next home, you could succumb to injury if you’re not careful.  In order to protect you from unnecessarily hurting yourself, let’s uncover what the most common moving injuries are and how to prevent them.

Back Injury

Almost the first body part you think of potentially damaging when you’re moving heavy and awkward furniture and moving boxes is your back.  If you don’t lift objects in the correct manner, you could risk a host of debilitating back injuries including muscle strains and sprains as well as more severe ones like herniated discs.

Fingers and Toes

Both fingers and toes are at great risk for injury when moving.  Fingers can easily get caught indoors, underneath unwieldy boxes, and stepped on.  If you’re wearing flip-flops or other open-toed shoes, you risk stubbing your toes or dropping a heavy box or piece of furniture on them.  Breaking a toe is extremely common even if you simply stubbed it against a hard, wooden ottoman, for example.  Fingernails and toenails can get painfully bent back, too.


Most people do not use the muscles in their backs, arms and legs as strenuously or frequently as movers do when they haul furniture or other heavy objects.  Movers can get injured, too, but since they transport heavy objects more often, their moving muscles are more used to the routine.


If you plan to move during the summer or on a hot day, you could become dehydrated if you don’t drink enough fluids.  Drinking enough water can actually prevent injuries from happening by keeping your faculties sharp and alert and your energy level up.

Injury Prevention Pointers During your Move

Pack Boxes Properly

If you don’t overwhelm your boxes and fill them to the brim with items, it will be easier to haul them.  My Moving Reviews suggest not exceeding 50 pounds per box.  Spend the extra money on additional boxes or contact FlatRate Moving about our box delivery service.

Lift Boxes Properly

Bend at the knees should be your refrain while moving.  You’ve probably been hearing this advice for years, but are you following it? Learn the proper technique for lifting boxes and move slowly, being aware of your surroundings.

Dress to Move

Maybe on every other day, you’re a fashion plate but moving day is not the day to strut down the hallway in your stuff.  Wear comfortable clothing that’s snug enough not to get caught on doorknobs or trip you.  Sturdy shoes like sneakers or other shoes with traction will do.

Give It a Rest

Take frequent breaks if you’re tired and especially if it’s hot out.  If you’re not used to moving boxes and furniture, you need to relax often, so that you’re not so exhausted that you cannot finish the job.  During breaks, fuel up with an energy bar and a drink.

Let Professional Movers Do the Work

Sometimes, you just need the professionals to handle it.  If you don’t wish to risk injury or spend extra time and effort transporting furniture and other possessions to your new home, schedule your move with us.  Since our movers have the expertise, experience, and quick thinking to avoid the common moving injuries listed above, it’s worth your while to hire us.