When you’re moving long-distance, how are you going to get there? The obvious answer would appear to be taking a plane or, if you live only a few hours away, driving your car, but is one mode of transportation easier and more efficient than the other? Only you and/or your loved ones can decide, but before you make a move, compare and contrast which option works out best for you.

How Much Time Do You Have?

Since you currently live far away from your new home, how long would it actually take to get there? Could you afford to take an extended period of time away from your job and other responsibilities to drive there? What about the rest of your moving party? Do their schedules allow for enough time off if you’re moving cross-country? Or would an airplane serve to assure you arrive on time in order to take care of business? Unless time is on your side and no outstanding issues exist at your new place or the old one, you may be able to hit the road and drive.

Which is the Safer Option – Plane or Car?

Experts always claim that you’re safer in the air than on the road.  Many obstacles could challenge you when driving like surprise flat tires, unexpected car trouble, or nerve-wracking accidents, not to mention falling asleep at the wheel or traffic jams that lead to lengthy detours.  And how many scary movies start with road trips that go awry when the star’s car stalls out right near a haunted house?

However, for those with white knuckles, the mere mention of being stuck on a plane brings dread.  Even though you hear about terrorist attacks and plane crashes/disappearances ala Malaysian Flight 370, the likelihood is much higher that something dire could happen when driving rather than flying.

How Much Money Will This Cost?

Hopefully, moving to a new place will not grind your spending habits to a halt.  Both driving and flying cross-country cost a pretty penny.  While an airplane flight sounds expensive despite Internet deals or your company funding your travel expenses, when you factor in tolls, gas, lodging, dining, and wear and tear on your car, relocating in this manner adds up.  If you decide to ship your car and rent a vehicle for your journey that dips even deeper into your piggy bank.  Budget what you can spend on travel expenses and figure out what’s more desirable to you.  Remember, when moving to a new home, you may need to spend money on furnishings, decorations, and necessities like groceries and appliances.

Which is the More Comfortable and Fun Way to Travel?

If you can swing it financially and time-wise, maybe it’s adventure time.  You may never gain a chance to see the country quite as you could via automobile.  Think of the amazing tales you could tell and unique places you could visit by taking a road trip.  You could plan a vacation and create stops along the way to national monuments and points of interest.  Imagine the photos you could take and the memories you could make.  Then again, a relaxing plane ride would eliminate the energy driving entails and increase your productivity in finalizing your move, completing outstanding work, and recharging for this new milestone.

If you traveled across the country for a move, did you fly or drive?