Moving back home with your parents does not carry the stigma it once did.  Although it may feel like you’re giving up and not growing up, erase the negativity.  If you’re smart about the move and keep the lines of communication open with them, you’ll be surprised how good the living arrangements can be for however long you decide to stay.  Before you move in, though, discuss the following topics with them and then direct the moving company to deliver your things to mom and dad because you’re coming home!

Following the Rules

From living on your own before – even if just in a dorm – you’re used to coming and going when you please.  Your parents realize that but you’re still their child who must follow house rules.  While you must respect their wishes, discuss the rules, and figure out compromises.  Since you’re a responsible adult, curfews are unnecessary, for example, but it may soothe their worries if you text them about your whereabouts.  Disrupting your parents with loud music and guests at all hours is inconsiderate and immature, too.  After all, they’re opening up their home to you when they may have been anticipating a permanently empty nest.

Who Pays for What?

When you were young and still a student, your parents probably paid for your necessities.  Now that you’re educated and employed, you’re earning money.  Pay your bills, offer to pay rent, and contribute to groceries and other household bills.  Depending on your salary, you can offer what you can afford and as agreed upon by you and your parents.  If you’re searching for a job, ask for a reprieve until a job is found.  Any amount will be appreciated and lessens their load.

Take Responsibility

Just because you’re back home doesn’t mean you should hang around like a kid again.  Volunteer for chores and anticipate what needs to be done when you’re not working.  Don’t assume your mom is your personal laundress.  If you want to be treated like an adult, show how responsible you are.

Privacy Counts

Respecting privacy for all parties involved is important.  In order to get the privacy you want, discuss ground rules for everyone in the house regarding privacy.  Entertaining guests, especially romantic interests, in your parents’ home may present new obstacles, so include this in your discussion.

Using Storage

Our short-term and long-term storage options are ideal if you own furniture that cannot be stored at your parents’ home, but that you plan to use in the future.  Contact FlatRate, and we will store your belongings until you’re ready to move at a price a newly employed student can afford.  If you’re pressed for time while job-hunting, our movers will pack up your old place and move whatever you need to storage or your parents’ house.

Future Plans

While you’re living at home, start saving money for a down payment on your own home or to cover your debts.  Most likely, you moved home so that you could save money until you’re ready to afford a nice place.

If you’re lucky, your parents charge way less than the average landlord or a mortgage company, so take advantage of that extra cash by investing or saving it.  Then when you’re ready to move, contact FlatRate for our moving services, and let us escort you to your new home!