We’re attending the Brooklyn Baby & Family Expo at St. Francis College in Brooklyn hosted by A Child Grows in Brooklyn. This event will be full of moms, dads, and parents-to-be. It’s the place to be if you have a bun in the oven, a baby that just arrived, or even if you’re a seasoned parent looking to stock up on goodies, parenting tips, and mingle with other Brooklyn parents.

At FlatRate Moving we are dedicated to you and your family through every major moment in your life. We strive to make your life easier in any way possible! We’ve given you tips on how to find a kid-friendly neighborhood, suggestions for handling a move while pregnant, and tips for moving with a young child. But, let’s face it- as a parent, you play the role of superhero every day not just on moving day, so we prepared a few life hacks to make your day-to-day role as a parent easier.

1. Gardening

It’s spring and your green thumb has kicked in so you want to go into the garden and plant some veggies. You don’t have to wait until the babysitter gets there to head out to the garden. Simply place a crib sheet on top of your outdoor playpen to keep bugs away from your baby, while you work in the garden!

2. Teething

It’s about that time, the baby is teething. We know… they grow up so fast! To lessen their fuss and your worry while they are teething we’ve got a tip for you: soothe your teething baby’s gums by letting them gnaw on a homemade pacifier pop. Make pacifiers pop by pouring milk or water into an ice tray, dunking the pacifiers in, and sticking them in the freezer.

3. Baby Clothes

At the Brooklyn Baby & Family Expo you may rack up on tons of baby goods and you probably still have so many clothes laying around from your baby shower– the more baby outfits the merrier. Now the trick is finding storage for them. After you’ve unwrapped all your baby’s gifts, expand your closet space instantly by looping a soda can tab on one hanger and hooking another hanger through it.

4. Baby Shoes

The baby no longer wears the same shoe size today as three weeks ago. They’re growing up so fast! You can leave the baby with the sitter while you go shoe shopping this time. Trace or stamp your toddler’s footprint onto a piece of paper to take with you as a shoe size measure.

5. Sick Baby

When the baby is sick, things are never pleasant. You may be faced with the challenge of giving your baby medicine that they absolutely will not drink. Try cutting a hole into an old pacifier and adding medicine into it with a medicine dropper, the baby will be comforted by the soothing pacifier while getting the medicine needed to feel better.

6. Avoid Messes

You’re all dressed up for work and it’s time to feed the baby breakfast. The last time you did it, you had to change your shirt because the baby food got all over. You can avoid another messy morning, by covering your outfit. After you’re dressed pull your bathrobe over your clothes for protection against spills.

7. Cleaning Sippy Cups

Cleanliness is everything, especially when cleaning your child’s sippy cups. To get into the nooks and crannies of straw cups, bottles, and sippy cups, use Q-Tips. Afterward, boil the pieces in a large pot to get a complete clean.

8. Spills

Uh-oh! Your little one has spilled their delicious drink all over. Avoid the mess next time by inserting a crazy straw upside down into their cup. The kids may try to pull the straw out, but this time it won’t budge.

9. Gum in Hair

The little one has found a pack of gum. Alas, a piece is eaten and now there’s a problem. The piece of gum is now in your child’s hair. Hurry! Grab two ice cubes and put the gum in between them. The gum will become rigid and the rest of the scraping can be done with a butter knife. Now your little one has gum-free hair and you can avoid having to cut any of their beautiful locks!

10. Bib Storage

Create an accessible storage space for the baby’s bibs. Instead of having to search for a clean bib, get a self-adhesive hook and stick it to the back of the highchair and hang the baby’s clean bibs there for easy access.

If you have more cool tips, tricks, and life hacks for parents, share them with us in a comment below or tweet us @FlatRate_Moving!