Did you know that May is National Moving Month? May through September is considered the busiest time to move to a new place which could be due to school ending and the weather being ideal for moving conditions.  According to My Moving Reviews, August 1 was the most popular with June 1 and July 1 running in second and third places respectively.   With those statistics, it appears that May is the most likely month to begin the process if you’re in the market to move.   Do you know the most popular reason for moving? Or where most people are moving? Read below for some fascinating stats about moving to America.

How Many People Are Moving?

People of all ages and socioeconomic levels move, especially once they start a family, so it’s not surprising that statistics hold steady. Governing states “an estimated 8.9 million people moved to new states in 2012, a figure that hasn’t changed much in recent years.”  Even with the type of economy we’re facing, people have not ceased picking up and leaving.

Who is Moving?

Every day someone is moving to a new place, but who are they? According to Governing, the ages of the majority of people who moved to the states where our branches are located (California, Colorado, Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, and New York) were 30-64.  However, New York upended the data in this study by having the most people who moved in the 18-29 demographic with California and Colorado trailing behind.  The percentages were split fairly evenly between females and males as to who is moving most.

Where Are They Moving?

“America the Beautiful” describes our country as having “amber waves of grain” and “purple mountains majesty,” but it doesn’t tell you where most Americans are moving.  As cited in New Jersey Warehousemen and Movers Association’s report, the most active cities where people are moving within reach of our branches are Washington, DC; Los Angeles, and Denver.  The two states where the most people are moving near our branches are Colorado and DC, says My Moving Reviews.

Where Do They Come From?

If there are so many people moving from state to state, where exactly are they coming from, and are they staying local or migrating far away? According to NJ Warehousemen and Movers Association, most movers are coming from the following cities where we have branches – Washington, DC; Los Angeles, and New York City.  However, My Moving Reviews showed that New Jersey and New York were where most residents originally hailed.

California, where two of our branches are located, ranked as having the most out-of-state movers with New Jersey ranking last among our branches, according to Governing.  Florida ranked as having the highest amount of movers from another state with New Jersey ranking last, continues Governing.  As for what state had the most movers from another country, California won the race with Colorado placing last.

Why Are They Moving?

Although there is a myriad of reasons to move, most movers cited these three reasons why they wanted to move, says My Moving Reviews – to purchase a bigger and better home; to changes in their family situation; and to buy a more economically feasible home.  Other reasons included buying their first home; starting a new job, and either losing or gaining a partner.