The sun is finally out and the flowers are in full bloom, and you can’t wait to enjoy the spring. But before you begin frolicking and making big plans, you should check ‘spring cleaning’ off your to-do list. Fear not, it’s not as dreadful as you think. The best tactic you can use to approach spring cleaning is to take it one room at a time. We suggest you kick off spring cleaning by cleaning out your closet.

Before you begin digging around your closet for warm-weather essentials, follow these steps for cleaning out your closet.

1. Remove everything from your closet

Once you have everything out and in front of you, making decisions will be easier. Start by making piles— one pile for things that you want to keep, a pile for all of your winter clothing that need to be put away, a pile for things that are tattered and need to be thrown away or recycled, and another pile for gently used clothing that you plan to donate (see #4).

2. Pack your winter clothes away

The weather is getting warmer outside and it’s time to say goodbye to your winter gear for a few months. Pack your winter wear in under-bed bins or alternative storage to make room in your closet. For winter gear that is no longer of your liking, toss into your donation box and bring it over to New York Cares for their winter coat drive, it’ll keep someone else warm next winter.

3. Decide what you want to keep

Be ruthless with your decision-making! Ask yourself, have I put on this shirt in the past 12-24 months? If you purchased it two years ago but you haven’t put it on besides trying it on in the store, the chances of you wearing it are very slim. It’s time to let it go, someone else will wear it. Sometimes just the idea of an article of clothing keeps it hanging in your closet but if you really need to get rid of clothing to make room, cast away those items you may never wear. Some may end up in your donation pile.

4. Upcycle gently used items

Rather than throwing away the clothes you no longer wear, consider filling up a box and donating those items. We’ve partnered with the Salvation Army of Greater New York to provide our New York City customers with a way to donate gently used items through our UPCYCLE Program. We provide an empty box that customers often pack with clothing, toys, books, and small household goods while they are cleaning out their closets and home. We then deliver the donations to the Salvation Army Family Stores in New York City.

You may not be getting started on spring cleaning in anticipation of a move, but you can still donate your gently used clothing to your local Salvation Army.

5. Keep Calm

This step should be referenced throughout your spring closet cleaning process or else you’ll drive yourself crazy. Throw on an upbeat playlist and try not to stress out too much. You should feel great about your closet clean-out as you see your donation pile growing and once you are finished you’ll feel so accomplished!

Ready? Set. Spring clean!

If you’re beginning your spring cleaning process because you are preparing for a move, let us help. We’ll pack you up, store, and move all your stuff! Request a free, no-obligation quote today.