Living an online life is the norm for most people today.  Taking care of business online, staying connected to distant friends and family – even reading this moving blog – brings so much convenience and contentment that why would we ever look back?  When you’re moving, however, do you really want every detail of your move broadcast on social media? At FlatRate Moving, we want you to stay safe when you move, so please review these precautions about what NOT to post on social media about your move.

Moving Days

Although you may be incredibly excited that you’re moving and may want to inform friends and relatives that you’re otherwise occupied, avoid posting when you’re moving.  Posting this information is like waving a neon flag in front of potential thieves, welcoming them to your abode.  There’s always a chance that thieves could impersonate moving company representatives and snag your stuff.  If you need to let anyone know when you’re moving, contact them privately to ensure safety.

Old and New Addresses

Posting your old or new addresses on social media is also a red flag.  You do not want an unexpected, unwelcome visitor at your door.  Send out a private e-mail or message with your new address or wait until you host your housewarming party to announce your new contact information.  A good idea in general is to check your privacy settings to ensure your posts are only able to be viewed by friends.

Pictures of Your House

Sure, you want to show off your new home, but you must be careful when you post pictures of it.  Omit the number of your house and don’t take a full photo of your house even though it may be featured on real estate sites.  Take into consideration the number of photos you share with friends and followers – they’re happy for you, but don’t glut your pages with excessive photos which could irritate them or seem boastful.  Also, refrain from posting photos until the sale is final just in case.

Negative Comments About Your Old Neighborhood

Maybe you were extremely unhappy in your old neighborhood and relieved to get away from the neighbors you despised.  However, that’s no reason to bash them on social media.  It’s in bad taste and ultimately reflects badly on you.  Some may love living in your old neighborhood including the person who bought your home.   Besides, you’re making a fresh start, so it’s time to let it go!

Price of Your Home

Is there any reason to post the price you paid on your new home and the price you received on your old home? No – it’s crass and personal.  Now if a friend or neighbor wants to know because they’re interested in moving to your new city or selling their home in the same neighborhood, discuss it in private.

Valuable Items You Own

Instagram-worthy photos of your prized paintings and rare record collection will draw thousands of likes from your followers.  Guess what they will also attract? Thieves yet again!  Check your privacy settings and only allow those close to you to view those posts or if you’re snap-happy, compile a visual inventory list for the moving company.