It doesn’t matter if your new destination is a floor away from your current location or on the other side of the country: moving to a different office can cause a minor earthquake in your day-to-day work routine. Somehow, you’ll have to balance all of your regular tasks with the various mishaps that arise with relocation in order to manage to move your entire office by the deadline.

But it’s not all stress and headaches! There are many personal and corporate benefits to moving your office.  You may be able to cut costs, improve your brand, or grow your company. The capable commercial movers you hire will make it easier for you to explore those things.

Reasons Why…

Get organized

No one will suffer more from a lack of organization than an office in the process of moving. You have company data, conflicting shift schedules, new and old lease terms, and much more to coordinate, all while trying to keep up with your everyday corporate tasks as well. Therefore, it is crucial for you to have your head on straight and for every component of the moving process to be organized. Your expert office movers can bring you crates, boxes, and other necessary moving equipment. These will help keep the tax files with the other tax files, and logged employee hours with the other logged hours, etc. Without these organizational tools, your office will likely become plagued by an unfortunate mixture of pure confusion.

Office movers help you stick to a timeline

Your office movers have done this a million times before. This is why they can help you create a specific timeline that will keep your office move a timely. Your movers will factor in time for efficient packing, physical relocation, dismantling furniture, unpacking, setting up the new office, and cleaning up the aftermath of the move.

A timeline can work the same way deadlines work for employees. It’s easier to manipulate a work schedule around an office move when you have a general idea of how long it will take and when you may find it disruptive. In other words, it’ll be a helpful tool that your commercial movers will assist you in utilizing.

Manage your technology

Do you remember that time the Dell guy came and set up your desktops? Or did the phone company hook up multiple office lines and made sure they didn’t interfere with the wireless router that you’ve hidden in some aesthetically pleasing way? Now, can you imagine doing all of that again yourself? Office movers are equipped to deal with your technology, by packing it appropriately, transporting it without harm, and setting it up again seamlessly at your new office location.

It may sound easy, but without the proper background and knowledge about this specific cable going into that specific outlet, you’ll find yourself spending way too much time and much too much energy trying to figure out the odds and ends of this process. Leave it to your movers to move your electronic equipment, so that everything goes without a hitch.

Communicate about your move

It’s important for your employees to feel like they’re an important part of the team.  It’s important that they don’t feel like an afterthought that gets sidelined by the move. Employees who have been at your company long-term might feel like they’re being forced to leave their homes. You’ll want to transition your workforce from office to office with care, so it’s important to keep them clued in as much as possible. Understandably, you might not have time to continuously give everyone updates.

This is where your office movers come in! Initially, it’s on you to make a communication schedule about the office relocation, but your movers can answer detailed questions patiently. From moving hundreds of clients a year they know the nitty-gritty details of your move. Let them take the lead on this one!

We’ve scratched the surface of what expert commercial movers can do for you. But if you’re looking to relocate your office and still are unconvinced, call your local, expert office movers. They can answer your questions about anything big or small, and give you the reassurance you’re looking for.

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