The movers are coming! The movers are coming! What will we do with the children? If you haven’t scheduled a sitter to watch your children when the moving company arrives, you may be creating more mayhem on moving day than necessary. Although as parents you treasure time spent with your children, having kids underfoot when moving presents more problems than none, especially if they’re very young and in need of constant care and amusement. Let us explain why you should hire a sitter when the movers arrive.

Get More Packing and Moving Done

When you hire a sitter for moving day, you’ll get more done regarding packing moving boxes and arranging administrative details.  Bringing a sitter to watch your kids in your home while you pack before your move is smart, too.  That way you’ll concentrate on what to pack, how to move, and prepare in advance for the big day.  If at all possible hiring a sitter after the move is also a good idea because the aftermath of settling intakes every last bit of your time and effort to get things done.  Anyone who parents know that kids can absorb all your energy with little to no exertion.

No Kids Means Fewer Distractions

Managing the many needs and wants of your children means you’re interrupting morning, noon, and night.  They’re hungry, want to play or just be held, and constantly asking questions.  Every distraction derails the packing or moving process.  With a sitter employed, kids are already occupied with another person, especially if it’s a fun-loving aunt or grandparent.  Schedule a fun activity outside of the house – maybe one you rarely embark upon that’s special.  Besides, the moving company may be comprised of friendly workers, but they’re not hired to navigate around kids or entertain them.

Change of Plans

Moving is not without its ups and downs – and we don’t mean the stairs! Inevitably, your moving day may provoke unexpected twists and turns.  Even with the most thorough moving services available, changes could occur, upending your carefully laid plans.  If your children are present, they may not transition as well as you when they discover they must wait an extra hour to eat or won’t be able to unpack and settle down in their new room if delays happen.

Acclimate to Other People

Take this prime opportunity to let your children adjust to different caregivers beyond yourself.  Remember that soon enough you’ll need to enlist a sitter for other adults-only outings, and most likely they’ll be attending school without you by their side.  This teachable moment allows them to learn how to adjust to other people and enjoy their company.

Sitters Keep Your Kids Busy

A good sitter, whether it’s grandparents, good friends, or new faces, will provide activities to amuse and keep them busy.  When your children return home, they’ll be tired yet happy to see you and fill you in on their day.

Stick to Schedules/Routines

Without having to work around the moving company and their responsibilities, your children can follow their usual routine albeit in another place.  They can eat when they typically eat and sleep when it’s time. Clue your sitter in as to what their normal routine is, so they can facilitate a comfortable experience for your child.

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